A Complete Guide for Using Alexa and Its Latest Features

A Complete Guide for Using Alexa and Its Latest Features
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Alexa can play music, set daily schedule, reminders, alarms, make purchases online, and control smart appliances to make your life easier

The virtual personal assistant Alexa, is a popular piece of technology in the world of AI-based assistance. Alexa is a product of Amazon, but all the echo speakers like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show 10, Amazon Echo Dot, etc. support Alexa features.

Also, Alexa can help in maintaining smart houses, devices & several other works as your personal AI assistant. Many third-party apps also have Alexa built-in in them. These days there are many devices compatible with Alexa, like smart lights, bulbs, fans, and some other home appliances.

So, what can Alexa do? Let’s take a look at its features and how to use them, and also learn more about it-

How to Use Alexa

Using Alexa is pretty simple. You need to have Alexa-enabled speakers to play music or do other activities. You can install the Alexa app on your iOS/Android to get the most out of it.

For smart devices, you can use Alexa to connect to smart lights, fans, thermostats, and security alarms. You can also purchase amazing accessories for Alexa like smart motion detectors, TVs, and coffee machines and operate those with Alexa as well.

For privacy, you can delete your unwanted or dubious histories with the help of the Alexa smart app. You can even set up streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ with Alexa.

Install your credit card info, and make purchases with Alexa or call an Uber any time.

1. Can Play Music

The very first feature of most AI-based assistants is its ability to play music. Alexa is no exception. With Alexa, you can play music anytime, anywhere. Alexa offers to play music on many platforms like TuneIn, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Tracks, etc.

Moreover, you can create a personalized playlist that you frequently play on Alexa. Even if you do not have a playlist, Alexa can play the most played songs for you too. Not only music, but you can also tune in to your favorite radio stations or podcasts with it.

If you have a tough time sleeping, ask Alexa to play ambient music for your sleep & it will readily do so. It will recommend your music based on your taste & playing history.

2. Sets Timers & Alarms

Alexa is capable of setting up alarms for you. Just give the command when to notify you about events or wake-up time. You can readily command Alexa to schedule your time about specific events or reminders. If you don’t want to get annoyed with loud sounds, there’s an alternative option for you.

If you have Alexa enabled in your smartphone or other devices, it will blink & show you the texts about your schedules. So, there’s no chance for you to miss any important event or meeting because Alexa has you covered.

3. Conveys Tailored News Reports

Any virtual assistant can show you or read you the news. But Alexa takes it a notch up. With it, you have the privilege to get customized news for yourself. For instance, you may be interested more in politics rather than sports.

So, when you set up Alexa with your preferable views & liking, the next time you ask Alexa about news, it will show you news about that genre.

You can also set up more than one profile with Alexa. For instance, if you want to hear more about politics and your partner wants to hear about sports, then he/she can just switch to their profile and listen to their tailored news.

4. Answer Questions

You can ask web-based questions about the weather, the date, the current rates in the share market, or any other inquiries.

You can also do quick calculations with the help of Alexa. If you are in a hurry to look for a calculator or can’t find it, you can always ask the 60% of 45,250 or the multiplication of 25 & 49 & things like that.

With the recent updates & future plans with Alexa, it is possible to do equations, logarithms, and arithmetic problems. 

5. Can Control Smart Home Devices

Alexa has made it easier to control smart home devices. If you forget to turn off the lights, fans, gas stove, or other kitchen appliances you can always take Alexa’s help to manage it. Make sure you have incorporated and signed in to those smart devices with Alexa & you will be ready to go. 

Also, you can play music in any room or turn on/off other Alexa-enabled speakers with it. Not only in houses, but you can further implement Alexa’s benefits in cars too. Smart location, tracking speed, searching for nearby gas stations, restaurants, can all be done by Alexa with simple voice commands.  

6. Makes Call

Making calls has become more accessible than ever with Alexa. All you need to say is the contact’s name & Alexa will place a call immediately. You can further use the Alexa app on your smartphone to customize options for you.

For instance, if you log in with your Skype ID in Alexa, all you need to mention is the caller’s name & Skype. Alexa will call that person on Skype. If the person is away or busy, you can leave voice messages. You can also set up Alexa to answer your calls whenever you are busy or don’t want to be disturbed.

7. Works as an Intercom

Alexa-enabled devices offer intercom facilities, too. If you have more than one device with Alexa enabled, you can communicate through intercom services from one room to another without paying any extra fees.

8. Helps With Shopping 

Alexa can order what you need. Your previous online order history will suggest different product brands & orders on Amazon for you.

You can also add items to your cart anytime. Just let Alexa know & the next time you go shopping, it will remind you of that.  

Maintenance Tips for Alexa

You can use Alexa using voice commands but even if you do not touch it, the device will get dusty over time. Dust, lint, and body oil may accumulate on the tiny holes of the microphone or speaker and disrupt Alexa’s ability to listen to voice commands.

Use a damp cloth to clean dust or buy a compressed gas duster to keep it clean.

Final Thoughts

There are so many activities you can do with Alexa. It is an innovative, fun, and handy device that can make our lives much easier and provide assistance whenever we need it.