Home Trends For 2022

Interior Design

Now that we’ve made it into the new year and our resolutions are in full swing, there’s nothing quite like giving your home the little refresh it needs. With our homes being the place we spend most of our time in with our loved ones, make the space an inviting one that you can look forward to unwinding in, giving your body the surroundings it needs to relax and refresh itself. By making small decorative changes in your home, you can start the new chapter with a fresh outlook, increasing motivation and kicking the year off the right way. Whether you are looking to invest into your property by undergoing structural changes with the help of professional architects in London to get the most from your space or you’re just looking for Interior Design ideas on small budgets to switch things up, we’ve pulled together some of the big trends you can expect to see plenty more of in 2022.

A touch of neutral

Being an ongoing classic, calming neutrals are continuing to boom into the new year. Being an incredibly versatile approach which you can put your own spin on, adopting a neutral colour palette can stick around for the many more years to come as the trend is likely to last for the foreseeable future. Suiting all aesthetics, make the trend your own so you don’t have to lose your personality in the process, combining the simple colour palette with your favourite household accessories and furniture focal points. Depending on the look you ae trying to achieve, a neutral shade on the wall paired with cream and white furnishings can really brighten up a space and create that homely feel you’ve been looking for. If neutral isn’t really your thing, add pops of colour throughout the room to bring it to life and add accents among a neutral base, switching it up as you please.

Colour blocking

Being one of the most notable trends for 2022, colour blocking is a cheap and easy way to achieve a high end look with just a lick of paint. Use blocks of bright paint to create unique shapes of colour on the wall behind any key furniture pieces or wall décor, creating a focal point that oozes style. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend picking a feature wall and researching images online to get some inspiration, establishing what shapes can work with your existing layout and picking your favourite colours.

Bring some greenery indoors

There’s a reason so many of us love to have some greenery around our house, being great for purifying the air and working wonders for both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour on a budget, pick out some of your favourite house plants and some fun pots to add a bit of colour to a lifeless room and dress up any plain shelving or empty furniture tops. If you’re in a position to undergo bigger projects, we love the look of an open patio space, extending your living area to create the illusion of space and let the daylight come flooding in. Especially in the warmer months, having extended your living space into your garden is perfect for hosting your family and friends, enjoying the fresh air as well as your home comforts.