How to Pick the Right Doorbell System for Your Home

Doorbell System

Doorbells stand out as one of the essentials in every home. Having one helps in various ways. Among these include its use as a potential theft and burglar deterrent.

With recent developments in technology, doorbells also gained new features. Such features include cameras for identification and security. Some even have wireless internet connectivity.

With doorbells coming in varying shapes and sizes, finding the right one becomes a challenge. You need to look through the types of doorbells available and find the one that works well for your home. Today, we will look at the things you should consider when picking a doorbell for your home.

  1. Knowing and Understanding the Whole Doorbell System

Knowing how the whole doorbell system works can help you choose among the different types of doorbells available. The doorbell pertains to the whole system as a whole. It comes with two to three different components.

First, you have the push-button. This one is what visitors see when they reach your doorstep.

Next, you have the chime. After pressing the push-button, this will send a signal to the chime to play its distinct sound.

Depending on the type of doorbell you picked, you would also see the wiring between the push-button and the chime. Although there are some variants that do away with the wire, sending out a signal instead to ring the chime.

Knowing the system can help you figure out the type of doorbell you need. This also helps you figure out how to install the doorbell in your home.

  1. Gauge How Loud It Should Be

The next aspect you need to look into is the loudness of the chime. In this case, you have to check if it rings loud enough for you to hear from any section of your home. This applies to both traditional doorbells and smart doorbells.

For a reference point, the typical doorbell chime makes a sound that goes as loud as 70 or 80 dB. This works well for most houses. There might be some factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a doorbell system.

First, consider pushing for a louder doorbell if you have a big house with more than one floor. Try to go for doorbell chimes that can go within the 80 to 90 dB range.

If you plan to go for a louder chime due to the worry that you won’t be able to hear it, they can reach up to 140 dB. With that said, it may come up as unpleasant and irritating when you’re close to the door. The good thing is that you can go with doorbells with adjustable chimes.

  1. Wired or Wireless?

Traditional doorbells are of the wired variant. These can be quite difficult with installation, although most homes would usually have these installed already. Wired doorbells also have other design options available, which helps in letting you find a good match for your home’s aesthetic.

Wireless doorbells are a great option and they stand out when situations call for it. If you rent your home, this works great as the installation is less intrusive. They also have a modern design aesthetic.

Other things to note about wireless doorbells are these two points. One is the battery on the push-button, while the other is the effective range of the wireless doorbell. Knowing these two factors can help you take advantage of its layout flexibility.

  1. When to Get a Smart Doorbell?

Smart doorbells come with a myriad of features, making it act as a part of your home security system. These can range from internet connectivity to security cameras with motion sensors. The advantage of having them is how easy it is to install them.

A video doorbell can let you see the visitor through the camera. This can help in informing you about the identity of the person by the door.

With WiFi connectivity, you can also use your smartphone as a display monitor to see who is by your doorstep. This becomes an advantage as you can access this feature in any area within your home.

  1. Note the Other Factors and Features

There are also other features that doorbells have that you might want to include. These can be accessibility features for the disabled, such as flashing lights to signal the hearing-impaired.

Another notable feature would be its intercom system. With advancements in technology, you now have doorbells with videophones installed. Smart doorbells tend to have these features included as well.

When looking for a doorbell, consider the additional features. Make sure to also take note of your house layout.

  1. What Style Does the Doorbell Come In?

This pointer will now have you consider a lot of other factors. When you put them together, it boils down to quality and aesthetics. Here is why that is the case.

We mentioned earlier that doorbells come in varying styles. Among them, wired doorbells have a wide selection of designs and styles that can fit any home. Despite this, they match best with homes that use traditional décor.

Wireless doorbells have a more modern touch to their design. Aside from being a fitting option for apartments and rented homes, they also work well for homes that want a modern look. Smart doorbells also fit in this category in terms of the modern aesthetic.

Another point here is in the materials used on the doorbell systems. Most of the push-buttons use plastic. Although there are other variants that use ceramic, wood, or other metals like bronze or chrome.

One thing you shouldn’t ignore is the sound of the chime when rung. Make sure to find the one that you like as you will hear it a lot.

Have You Chosen One From These Types of Doorbells?

As you browse among the numerous types of doorbells, keep in mind the type of home that you have. Take note of its features and how it will blend well with your home.

Do you want to learn more about doorbells and house customization? Check out our guides to help you get more inspiration for what you can do to work on your house!

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