How to Dress Hourglass Figure Casually: 3 Clothing Fashion Tips

Hourglass Figure

Fashion tips for Hourglass Figure, Body

Fit is the key to dress up for any body shape. Everybody’s size and shape is beautiful. The Hourglass Figure is one such body figure that many women admire. With the help of proper fashion tips, the hourglass-shaped women can pull off any look. The best part of this figure is the defined waist. Women with this shape look curvy and lovely. Embracing the body shape with the right silhouette is more than enough for you to steal the show. If you have an hourglass body shape then here are some tips for you to dress up. 

Some facts to consider 

The Hourglass Figure woman can effortlessly look good in any attire. One thing to remember is less is more when dressing up for hourglass figure. Only little details are needed to accentuate the curves. 

  •  Women in every size have a beautiful hourglass shape. Woman with an hourglass figure has the same length shoulders and hips. Both the petite and plus size women may have these body features. If your shoulder and hips are of the same size, then you have the hourglass shape. 
  • The defined waist is the main characteristic of this shape. The wait is curvier than other body shapes. 
  • Most of the women with hourglass figures tend to have a larger bust. This makes their waist look even curvier. 
  • To take things to the next level, you can both have the best dress out there for you and save money in the long term. How is that possible? Well, just by contacting a dress hire designer. These professionals have what fits your body type and also offer you the possibility to rent it for a short time.

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These are some of the highlighting features of women with an hourglass figure. When considering these factors, it is easier to dress up perfectly.

  1. Balancing the attire 

The body shape is based on your bone structure, not your weight. Balancing the fit around your shoulder, waist, hip, and bust is important. Women with an hourglass figure can wear clothes that accentuate their curves. Fitting tops, wrap-style dresses, and V-neck clothes from can look great on you. If you are wearing a jacket, then add accessories such as a belt to show off your curves. When wearing bottoms, you can go for the styles that define your waist. High waist jeans, belted flowy pants, fit and flare bottoms can look breathtaking. 

  1. Highlight the features 

Hourglass-shaped women can use lines and lengths to emphasize the figure. Both short and high length dresses look great on hourglass shapes. You can wear full-length bottoms such as high waist jeans, palazzos or any high waist bottom. Full-length glamorous dressers are strikingly perfect. You can choose the bodycon or bandage dress, sheath dress, camisole, and mermaid gowns to highlight the best features in your body. If you are choosing short tops and bottoms, then go for crop tops, high waist shorts, miniskirts and pencil skirts. 

  1. Focus on the colour 

The best way to dress up for hourglass shape is to focus on patterns and colours. The casual outfits in softer and lighter shades can look amazing on you. If you are dressing up for an event, then dark colour clothes can accentuate your curves. Navy blue, black, red are some great colours for hourglass-shaped women. The right colour can emphasize the curvy parts of your body when choosing patterned dresses to ensure that the pattern draws attention to your waist. These small details can beautify your shape even more. 


There are tons of clothes that look great on hourglass-shaped women. You can consider the above tips to get the best outfit that embraces your shape.

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