Talking about the Liberal Arts on this Catholic Life Podcast

Talking about the Liberal Arts on this Catholic Life Podcast

Liberal art is a diverse field of study that equips students with general knowledge and intellectual ability that significantly influences the development of human culture. The students can earn valuable critical and creative thinking skills that they find practical in navigating through various problems. Additionally, liberal arts is vital in helping students formulate compelling, rational arguments and excellent communication skills. According to Dr Morrissey, Liberal education entails the development of the philosophical mind, which can be linked to the general development of the mind. Anna adds to Dr Morrissey’s definition by stating that “deeper understanding of what you are doing and the reason for doing it makes you remarkably good at all aspects of life.”

Liberal arts broaden the student’s mind in fundamental principles of life through critical thinking. Through critical thinking, the foundational elements of being able to disintegrate facts from distortion and at the same time getting to know human behaviour are incorporated. In a working setup, most employers are looking for candidates who can utilize critical thinking in solving problems. Thereby liberal art students’ have a higher chance of getting recruited to their dream jobs.

The human mind is curious in nature. If all learning institutions embraced liberal arts in the curriculum, there would be a massive improvement in how the students disseminate ideas. This idea can be accredited to how liberal art helps students in critical thinking by making them open-minded. It is also necessary for the relevant parties to instil a reading culture in students to keep their minds active.

Liberal art is slowly gaining traction in students’ life as it gives them a multifaceted view of life. Liberal art improves the student’s team player abilities, open-mindedness, and acclimatization to various life scenarios. Liberal arts is a multidisciplinary area of study as it integrates a vast number of fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, and history, among the many. The diversity obtained from liberal arts makes its students perfectly fully prepared for the job hunting endeavour as they have acquired both the soft skills and hard skills needed for work. A student who has studied liberal arts is usually miles ahead in his or her career path. They also have a competitive advantage because of the value addition they bring to their workplace.

In enhancing the students’ team player abilities, liberal arts also helps the student’s in creating lifelong friendships. To give back to society, students can mentor other people in their careers using the skills gained from the liberal arts course. From the mentoring program, many people will be able to possess the creative and innovative skills to make the world a better place. Liberal art studies go against the conventional education systems that mainly enhance memorizing concepts rather than understanding and examining facts. Contrary to helping students know what to think, liberal studies focus on critical analysis that allows them to think independently. 

As mentioned earlier, reading has been found to be the reason behind open-mindedness, which is supported by liberal arts studies. Dr Morrissey backs up this concept by stating, “How to change up the current culture we need to Get reading, read more broad things and read things that can stretch you.”