Pressure Transducers You Could Trust in 2022

Pressure Transducers You Could Trust in 2022

Pressure is critical in industrial applications for disciplines like aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics, acoustics, biophysics, and so much more. Therefore, constant pressure monitoring is essential for completing your final output. Most manufacturing elements, operated by humans or automated, require round-the-clock monitoring to avoid overpressure, which can cause the deterioration of parts.

This is where pressure transducers come in handy by monitoring pressure changes. Therefore, finding a pressure sensor you can trust is crucial to accomplishing your industrial and manufacturing goals. At MicroSensor, you can find a wide variety of pressure sensors and transducersthat are durable, high quality, and, most of all, ones you can trust for fluid pressure measurement. Today we will look at some of the best pressure transducers you can trust in 2022.

What is a pressure sensor?

A pressure sensor, also known as a pressure transmitter or pressure transducer, is an electro-mechanical device that monitors, detects, or regulates the pressure. A pressure transducer transforms perceived data into electrical signals translated and presented on a display screen or gauge meter. Here an operator can interpret the status of the pressure sensor readings and act accordingly.

Pressure can be interpreted as the amount of force exerted by a gas or liquid in a unit of area. It’s calculated by the formula (P=F/A). Pressure sensors identify forces of various liquids and gases, making their use flexible for various industries.

However, there are different types of pressure sensors that offer different features and applications. At MicroSensor, you can find a variety of quality pressure transmitters applicable in process control, industrial gases, HVAC, marine telemetry, food, and beverage industry, etc. These pressure sensors are quality approved by ATEX explosion-proof. Some types of pressure sensors you can find are:pressure transmitters, digital pressure transmitters anddifferential pressure transmitters.

Pressure Transducers You Could Trust in 2022

Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

Pressure transmitters provide adequate pressure monitoring for a wide array of industries. They are durable and high quality since they have been certified by ATEX explosion-proof. MicroSensor transmitters range from 0.1bar to 1000bar with 4-20m A DC. MicroSensor offers custom-designed pressure transmitters to ensure you don’t miss out even in some unique production process. Here are some good models you can try out:

  • MPM489 pressure transmitter: Also known as apressure transducer,this device is CE and ATEX-approved. Ranging from -1bar, 0.1bar to 1000bar.
  • M20: M20 is appropriate for a range of pressure measurements and monitoring in general industrial situations. It ranges from 0-250mbar to 0-250bar; it’s a gauge, positive/negative, and absolute pressure type.Digital Pressure Transmitters

Digital Pressure Transmitters

Digital pressure transducers outputs digital signals including RS485, HART, ModBus, and CAN open, monitor the pressure parameter. MicroSensor produces low power-consumption digital pressure transmitters containing general 24V and battery-powered supply ranging from 0.07bar to 1000bar.

High-precision digital pressure transducers are appropriate for hydropower plant applications, irrigation in agriculture, and tank monitoring. MicroSensor digital pressure transmitters with a battery power supply are available. The range is 0.07bar to 1000bar. Try these:

  • MPM4760:Used in a variety of industries for the accurate monitoring of flowing pressure. The device ranges from 1bar-1000bar,and it features an LCD indicator.
  • MPM4730:It is a pressure measuring device containing a digital HART and RS485 output that can be used in tanks, hydropower plants, irrigation systems, and other applications.Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure Transmitters

This device is perfect for low-range pressure of gases or air. It has numerous applications in the chemical, gas, and oil industries. The device can also focus on measuring gas pressure in medical oxygen manufacturing equipment and oxygen storage tanks. MicroSensor also provides a differential pressure transmitter for measuring oxygen pressure.Try some of this MicroSensor transmitter for the efficient result.

  • MDM490: During the control of industrial processes, the differential pressure transmitter measures gas and liquid pressure in tanks and containers. It is possible to measure differential pressure across a low range.
  • MDM491:The MDM491 transmitter offers top accuracy for low-range differential pressure monitoring and high IP65 protection. It’s also available in stainless steel CE.
  • MDM4901FL: The MDM1901FL is specially designed for oxygen pressure measurement。This pressure transmitter is widely used in medical oxygen production equipment and oxygen storage tanks in medical and pharmaceutical industries.Differential Pressure Transmitters


Digital pressure sensors have various benefits, including lower power usage, minimal electrical noise, sensor inspections, and remote monitoring. They are essential in ensuring that equipment pressures are in acceptable ranges. Drop down to MicroSensor to find a trustworthy and certified pressure sensor that suits your needs.

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