How Much Is Blippi’s Net Worth? (Updated November 2022) YouTube Videos

Blippi Net Worth

How Much Is Blippi Net Worth? Blippi is a popular content creator on YouTube. All his contents are mainly to entertain children. Additionally, his contents help to educate the children in a better way. 

In this article, let us discuss Blippi’s personal life and net worth. Read through the article to know more about his career and other crucial facts.

Who Is Blippi?

Blippi’s real name is Stephen J. Crossman. Most people know him as Stevin John or Blippi. He is a popular YouTuber who is working on the child’s entertainment and education. Additionally, the man works on making educational videos of all age groups. One can get such videos on Hulu and Amazon etc.


Early Life:

Stevin was born on 27th May 1988. His birthplace is Las Vegas, Nevada. But he was raised in Ellensburg, Washington. His childhood ambition was to become a fighter pilot and limousine pilot. But, he couldn’t achieve his dreams.


Soon after graduating from high school, Stevin joined the military. He also served in the U.S. Air Force. Stevin was working in the 4th Nuclear Airlift Squadron as a loadmaster. His job was to take care of the cargo placement in the airplane. 

Stevin also worked as a camera operator in the LA film world. Then, he got a thought that he needs to do something in his life to benefit the world.

Personal Life:

On August 2, Stevin posted some pictures of his now-fiancee. It was the pictures that show the proposal of Stevin to his fiancée on a Malibu beach, California. Stevin and Alyssa got engaged as of now. Alyssa is his long-time girlfriend and she works as a communication manager at Kideo Inc.

Whenever they go out, the couple shares their pictures. They frequently update their photos on their social media sites. Stevin is maintaining other details secret from the media. He didn’t even share his plans related with Alyssa. Stevin has two pet dogs named Lyno and Lily.

Blippi’s Sudden Growth:

Stevin mainly started this concept after seeing his 2 years old nephew. On January 27, 2014, he started his work on YouTube by releasing quality content for kids. At the end of 2014, he was earning $1000 per month.

Some of his most-watched videos are

  • Videos for Toddlers with Blippi
  • Blippi Learns About Jungle
  • Detective Blippi Video for Children
  • Blippi Learns in the Children’s Museum

Almost, he received 717 million views for one of his videos while the others got 260 million.

Blippi Net Worth:

On his YouTube channel, Blippi has more than 13.2 M subscribers. He is much popular among children. Moreover, he became the highest-paid YouTube star in 2020. Blippi’s net worth 2020 of around $17 million. Finally, he became the eighth top YouTuber to earn this much fortune.

At present, he is getting 5.6 million views per day for his videos. As of 2021, Blippi’s net worth is around $40 million.

Blippi YouTube Videos


To sum it up, Stevin is dubbing his YouTube videos in several languages like German, English, Spanish, etc. Thus, it is easy for children of different countries to learn from his YouTube videos.

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