Things To Know Before Renting A Truck At A Home Depot

Things To Know Before Renting A Truck At A Home Depot

You might have recently bought a new home and are planning to move there. But you are confused about how to take your things to the new house. The best solution to your problem will be a truck rental center at the Home Depot. The Home Depot rent-a-truck option has become very popular with those making a DIY move. Most of the time, one might only need to rent a truck for a short time. Most rental companies offer this, which might seem like an unnecessary expense. Therefore, Home Depot truck rentals could be the answer if one needs a truck for an hour or so.

Since the beginning of this business in 1978, Home Depot has made it quite big. It has become the largest home improvement network of stores across America. They offer their customers a one-stop shop for their home improvement needs and are available in every state. This has often made them homeowners’ first choice.

Besides catering for almost every imaginable home improvement requirement, they also provide truck rentals. Interestingly, this may have originally been envisioned as a way of helping their customers transport their larger purchases home. However, later, they figured that their truck rental could be used for many different purposes.

How To Find Home Depot Near Me?

One of the first tasks when finding a Home Depot truck rental is researching the nearest local Home Depot. These stores offer many convenient locations, so one is bound to find a store nearby.

If you do not know the area like the back of your hand, an online search is a better way to find them. The best search term for this would be Home Depot, near me.

When doing this, one must check all the locations close to him, either on a mobile phone or computer. If a person has rented a Home Depot truck due to a move and has used a local real estate agent, they may also be familiar with the nearby Home Depot locations. 

Renting A Truck At A Home Depot

What Types Of Trucks Does Home Depot Offer?

These companies usually offer four types of trucks. Of these options, they offer two pickup trucks: a Ford F250 and a Ford T250 flatbed. However, the make and model can vary at different Home Depots. The F250 offers around 77 cubic feet of cargo room, while the T250 provides about 200 cubic feet of volume.

Their cargo van offers 277 cubic feet of storage volume. The moving box truck provides 515 cubic feet for furniture and moving boxes. While the cargo area for the flatbed pickup is 6 ft. x 8 ft, the cargo area for the van is 4.5 ft x 5.8 ft.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Home Depot Truck Rentals?

Three main factors can alter the cost of your rental from Home Depot. These are the size of truck one needs, the time one has the truck for, and the gas they use. Unlike most rental truck companies, one does not have to worry about being charged for the miles they use. The only difference the distance travelled will make is the amount of gas used. One must pay for it while returning the truck.

The rental cost varies significantly due to the sizes of trucks available. Besides this, the number of days you need it and the distance you will travel affect the cost. Nowadays, the larger truck is the most popular option, and they offer enough space for moving from a small apartment to a studio apartment.

Why Are Rentals The Best?

There are truck rental companies with nearly 2,300 locations. Home Depot stores are in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This should mean a truck rental center at the Home Depot near you if you live in or near a reasonably well-populated area. 

If one cannot commit to a particularly moving day or wants more flexibility when renting a truck, then their lack of reservation requirement is a great bonus. One needs to just arrive at the nearest Home Depot when the truck is needed and pick up the one you want.


The best option is rental services. Most of the time, one might only need to rent a truck for a short time. In such cases, Home Depot truck rentals could be the answer.

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