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A growing company is capital. Cash flow does not always keep up with expansion, which is one of the most difficult problems that business owners face. The more sales you produce, the more money you’ll need to invest.

To expand and thrive, growing enterprises require finance. Larger companies are more likely to be successful over longer periods of time. Over the course of four years, a company with 1-4 people has a 69 percent survival rate. The chances of survival improve to 78 percent for businesses with 5-19 staff.

You’ll need growth finance to support your ambitions and cash flow needs if you intend to hire additional personnel, buy new equipment, or expand to several sites.

Growth finance

Growth finance is a broad word that refers to both debt and equity financing options that a company might utilize to promote expansion and growth. Growth financing can help you get the funds you need to take advantage of chances to expand your firm and generate sales revenue.

A growth financing solution should be tailored to the company’s development potential and cash flow requirements. To support your expansion objectives, you may need to use a combination of short and long-term funding options from traditional and alternative lenders.

Best consultant for you

Continue to enlist the assistance of an expert, such as MARS Growth, who can provide information, experience, and contacts. Someone who can assist you:

  1. Decide if you’re ready to look for expansion capital.

  2. With you, develop a feasible and marketable approach and recommendation.

  3. Assemble a list of objectives and develop a process for achieving them.

  4. Assist you in your interactions and business.

Key Considerations for Growth Financing

Before obtaining finance, you should first focus on developing a documented growth strategy and financial plan.

You must first establish:

  • How much money do you require?

  • How soon do you require it?

  • Whether you require a one-time lump sum or ongoing credit, we can help.

  • When you will be able to pay back the debt

It’s critical to be honest and precise about the expenditures involved, how soon you can reach your objectives, and when you’ll be able to return the financing provider.

Create a Cashflow Forecast

A cash flow prediction can help you predict how much money you’ll need and how repayments and expenses will affect your cash flow. It will show you how much you can invest without taking out further debt and how much working capital you’ll need to keep your firm running in the coming months.

Expansion and growth plans frequently result in higher operating expenses before sales and revenue catch up. It’s always a good idea to leave some money in the budget to cover unforeseen expenses. Many expansion plans take longer to generate additional money than anticipated.

For a complete step-by-step instruction on how to forecast your business’s cash flow, read our guide How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast.

Calculate Return on Investment

Calculating return on investment (ROI) is critical for long-term business success.

When contemplating expansion financing, keep in mind the entire costs of the loan as well as the percentage return on investment you can expect over time. Most organizations analyze the return on investment from growth financing over a three to five-year timeframe.

Calculate your percentage ROI by calculating the overall investment cost, including any financing fees and interest, as well as the improved revenue and net profit for each year.

Consider the following scenario: you want to launch a new service. To promote your new service to potential clients, you’ll need to buy equipment, hire new employees, and engage in marketing.

The overall investment cost is $300,000, including loan repayments.

You should generate an additional $450,000 in revenue and $75,000 in net profit each year once the new service is up and running.

Over the course of four years, the increased revenue and net profit will have covered the whole growth financing investment, and the company will begin to realize a positive return on investment.

It’s best to use a range of sales revenue projections when calculating ROI to allow for unexpected challenges that could cause revenue to be lower than expected.

Is growth finance right for your business?

MARS Growth

Growth finance solutions are best suited for high-growth businesses and are frequently used by venture capitalists to fund the expansion of established businesses. Product development, market penetration, infrastructural investments, and strategic acquisitions are all examples of expansions.

If your company is more established than venture capital-backed enterprises and can generate revenue and operational profits, but not enough cash to fund large expansions, acquisitions, or other expenditures, growth financing may be a good option.

These variables may indicate that business owners have few other options for raising finance to fuel the next stage of expansion.

Growth finance solutions are also appropriate for organizations that have large debt and want to fund a dramatic shift in their operations.

Growth capital can also be used to restructure a company’s balance sheet, reducing the amount of interest-bearing debt, for example. This can greatly enhance the amount of cash available for working capital in the company.

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