Have A Look At Some of The Lesser-Known Aspects of Drywall Screw

drywall screw

As the name suggests, a drywall screw is used while working with drywall. It is a popular fastener that allows you to secure sheets of drywall or plasterboard to walls and ceiling joists. They are designed to secure both timber and metal studs and frames. These screws are manufactured with deeper and longer threads that are compared to regular screws. It prevents them from becoming loose over time and falling off. 

They ensure that the drywall stays in place by gripping the drywall sheet and framing the structure together tightly. Moreover, they offer a long-lasting fastening thereby producing a smooth and clean finish that a regular screw won’t provide you. So in today’s article, we shall discuss some of the significant aspects of drywall screws and why it is so beneficial. Stay tuned to us to know about all the details!

What Is A Drywall Screw?

As we said earlier, drywall screw ensures that the drywall stays intact by gripping the drywall sheet and framing structure together tightly. Well, different types of drywall screws have several physical characteristics to suit a range of applications. So in other words, the length of the screw, gauge, thread, and head can all affect the way in the way you want to use it. 

So if you are about to purchase drywall screws, you might want to know a few aspects before them to choose the right one. Well, there are several factors that you must look out for. Let us take a glance:

  • Firstly, you need to note the length of the screw.
  • Secondly, the type of thread you will purchase will be coarse or fine. 
  • Next is the type of head: Bugle or Wafer. 
  • Then, you have to select the gauge. 
  • Next, you need to find out if it is collated or uncollated. 
  • Lastly, you have to check the type of coating, black phosphate or silver zinc.

Let us discuss all the above aspects in detail down below so that you can get a better idea about drywall screws before purchasing them. Stay tuned to us until the end!

drywall screw

What Are The Important Aspects About Drywall Screw?

Well, by now, you must have gotten an idea regarding the significant aspects of drywall screws, right? Here, we shall discuss all those factors in a detailed form: 

1. Length

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider if you are about to purchase drywall screws. Well, it is because the length of the screw will depend on the materials that you are using, like the type of drywall or fixing material. You can get these screws in lengths as short as 25 mm to as long as 100 mm. So naturally, you can use it for various construction projects. 

2. Thread Type

After checking out the length you have to select the thread type. As we said earlier, there are two types of thread for drywall screws, coarse and fine. Therefore, you have to remember that the type of thread you choose is dependent on the materials that are being screwed into. So coarse thread screws have a wide and thick thread that is excellent for securing drywall and wood. On the other hand, fine thread screws have a thinner thread which is best for fastening drywall and metal together. 

3. Head Type

Just as you have seen that the regular screws are available in numerous head types, similarly are drywall screws. You can get them either in Bugle or Wafer head types. However, between them, the most popular is the Bugle drywall screws. You can use it for fixing plasterboards whereas you can use Wafer heads for securing metal walls.  

4. Gauge

Do you know that the drywall screws are available in two diameters? Well, they are the typical gauges of this type of screw. So you can purchase your drywall screws in widths of 3.5 mm and 4.2 mm. 

5. Collated or Uncollated

Even though this factor does not relate to the screws themselves but it concerns itself with the way you should purchase them. As per the sources, the collated drywall screws are arranged in a row. They are mainly used for building and construction site workers who are associated with a big task. On the other hand, uncollated drywall screws are sold as loose items and used for smaller fixing tasks. 

6. Coating Type

Lastly, we come to the type of coating that is the best for the drywall screws. As per the sources, these screws are typically made of hardened steel with a coating applied on top for further resistance against corrosion. In this regard, we can say that black phosphate screws are ideal for fastening drywall to wood. This is because it protects the screw from rust and helps it to last long. 

Ending Note

As we conclude, we can say that drywall screws are highly common these days. It has various uses for fixing plasterboards and other things. The above article discusses some of the significant and lesser-known aspects of drywall screws. 

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