3 Best E-Skateboards for Serious Skaters

3 Best E-Skateboards for Serious Skaters

Technology has made a massive change in the skateboarding industry over the years. These innovations have been widely seen and experienced by thousands of skaters, from the traditional ones that we used to drag and push to the advanced variants with small electric motors. 

To further introduce you to the world of e-skateboards, here’s a comprehensive review of the top 3 electric skateboards for both aspiring and serious skaters out there:

This skateboard is made of carbon, so you could expect a high retail price. However, it is totally worth the price you will pay. Although some people won’t spend too much on a skateboard, if you come to review and discover its features, the price is actually reasonable.

Evolve has a custom-made motor with 3000-watt power. It enables the skateboard to run as fast at a maximum speed up to 26 mph. This feature equips the skateboard to excel in performance, power, and versatility. 

Aside from that, it is very portable. Being lightweight is one of its advantages. You won’t have to carry around a bulky and heavy skateboard when taking a walk. 

All of its parts are made of premium quality materials. It has all-terrain wheels capable of running smoothly on any type of surface. It also has a lithium battery that can run up to 31 miles when fully charged. Lastly, it has an LCD remote, wherein you can choose from four settings.

  • Kaly NYC XL 2.0

This is another top-selling electric skateboard in the market. It has gained hundreds of positive feedback and reviews, making it a credible and reliable brand and model.

The Kaly NYC XL 2.0 is notable because of its premium features and high-quality performance. It is also a bit pricey, but really worth the value of your money. 

The skateboard is made with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and basalt. It can be a bit heavier compared to others, but it is still portable two drivetrain motor gears with up to 4,585 watts of maximum power and go up to 24 miles at a top speed of 38 mph. 

Overall, this skateboard really has a lot to offer, so we recommend reading a more in-depth Kaly NYC XL 2.0 review to get a better idea of what you’re getting.

  • Blitzart Tornado 

Now, here’s an affordable one. If you want an electric skateboard but you’re on a tight budget, this is the best option for you. The price does not compromise the quality of this product, consistent with its motto, “Skate with confidence.” 

It is made of 7-ply-maple wood and two bamboo layers and only weighs 13 pounds. It has a flexible and durable deck with an ergonomic and wireless remote. Also, it has a maximum speed of 17mph. When fully charged, it can run up to 8 miles.

In Addition, Exway Atlas Pro also shines as a standout choice among the best e-skateboards. Its advanced features, robust build, and impressive range make it a top contender for riders seeking both performance and reliability. With the Exway Atlas Pro, you’re not just riding an e-skateboard – you’re experiencing a new level of electric skateboarding excellence.

Final Words

Electric skateboards are very useful equipment not just for recreational use but for transportation as well. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there’s still a wide range of options available in the market. You can choose from different models that you think are suitable for you and of course your budget.