4 Types of Jeep Soft Tops

Jeep Soft Tops

Stay cool and covered with a high-quality Jeep top. While a hard top may give you more protection on a cold-weather commute, there’s nothing like a soft top for a warm-weather adventure. Explore four common types today before ordering Bestop Jeep tops online. Create memories with a fully personalized Jeep, whether you’re headed to work or to your favorite trailhead.

1. Flip Top

You don’t have to choose between an open and closed top. A flip top gives you the flexibility you deserve in your favorite four-wheeled ride. The soft material is backed by a sturdy frame. Flip the top open and enjoy all that sunshine and cool breeze. If thunderstorms are headed your way or the temperature drops, simply close the top for a covered solution.

While a flip top offers versatility, it isn’t quite as open as a bikini top or other, more minimal soft top options. Keep on searching if you want to let even more sunshine into your day.

2. Bikini Top

An iconic option for summertime rides, the bikini top is a must-have accessory for Jeep enthusiasts. It offers a fully opened, freeing feeling that is hard to achieve with other options of Jeep YJ frameless soft top full doors. You won’t have a lot of coverage in the event of a rainstorm, but a sunny day isn’t complete without a Jeep bikini top.

This top is so popular in part because it offers the perfect amount of protection from the sun. As a driver, you’re protected from direct sun exposure. You can also enjoy plenty of fresh air, visibility and other benefits of an open-top feel.

3. Safari Top

Feeling a little exposed in your Jeep bikini top? A safari top adds a little more coverage in the event of a surprise shower. The full stretch of durable material blocks UV rays and rain showers for you and your passengers, but leaves the sides open to give you a breathe of fresh air.

Strong winds, cool temperatures and heavy rains may still get into your Jeep, so don’t plan on rocking your safari top for year-round use. This adventurous option is a great alternative to a bikini top, but isn’t as protective as a flip top.

4. Sunlighter Top

Also known as a bikini sunlighter top, this unique option is a great balance between letting in sunlight and avoiding a painful sunburn. The style of this top is the same as a bikini top, but it uses a semi-transparent material for added sun exposure.

The material is still durable, water resistant and UV resistant. You won’t be exposed to additional sunburn risks like a fully open top, but you also won’t be missing out on all those opportunities to soak up the sun while you cruise.

Shop Tops Today

These four popular options are just the start  of your CJ5 soft top and doors shopping experience. Head to a highly rated online store today to learn more about your options. Use customer reviews, ratings and detailed descriptions to order confidently and have your latest top addition sent right to your garage.