Online Carbide Has the Chamfer End Mill You’re Looking For

Online Carbide Has the Chamfer End Mill You’re Looking For

One of the most common tools used in a machining production line is the Chamfer End Mill. This tool can be used to deburr the edges of machined metals so that there is no issue with edges breaking off or failing specifications after machining.

Why Online Carbide Makes a Superior Chamfer End Mill

From the outset, Online Carbide starts with the best design and engineering for their Chamfer End Mills. The base metal is infused with 10% Cobalt Micrograin in all their tool steel. They are made from premium 10% Cobalt Micrograin carbide. This hardens the steel for extended life. In addition to the Cobalt, Online Carbide manufactures its tools with a Bright Finish to ensure clean, consistent cuts without chips or nicks.

Pick a Size

Online Carbide manufactures their Chamfer End Mill in the following sizes:

  •  ¼ inch – 60 degree – 4 flute – 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ¼ inch – 90 degree – 4 flute – 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ? inch – 60 degree – 4 flute – 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ? inch – 90 degree – 4 flute – 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ½ inch – 60 degree – 4 flute – 3 inch OAL
  •  ½ inch – 90 degree – 4 flute – 3 inch OAL

Don’t Pay Extra For Brand Names

Online Carbide has a simple and effective marketing scheme. They sell their high-quality products factory direct to their customers. By selling direct, they save their customers a lot of money because their products don’t get marked up 40% to 50% or more by a distributor or local retailer. Brand name products pay for a lot of marketing and advertising expenses along with the distributor markup which means their customers are paying for something other than the steel in and the edge on the tool.

The Bigger the Deal the Better the Value

Depending upon the size of the tool order, Online Carbide offers discounts on large orders. They also offer Free Shipping on orders over $250. Where else can a one-man machine shop or a huge machining operation find the highest quality tools on the market at better prices? Nowhere else. Just go online to to find the best prices and the best deals online.

Lower Prices Doesn’t Mean Less Customer Service

Online Carbide has professional customer service to back up every sale they make. If there are any questions or other information needed by our customers, answers are just a click away at or customers can call 630-238-1424 to get the information they need. With seven service centres spread across America, there is a location nearby which can get the tools you need to you ASAP.

Proud to Be Made in the USA

Tool manufacturers know there’s a difference between tools made in the USA and tools made elsewhere. Their customers know the difference also. Both the manufacturers and their customers expect every single tool to be engineered and constructed with the highest standards and most stringent guidelines. Online Carbide knows their Chamfer End Mill and every other tool they make meets and exceeds the standards everyone expects.

Use Tools That Last

Better design, better engineering, and best materials produce tools that have greater longevity. Changing our tools takes time and costs money. Online Carbide knows its tools will last longer and require less maintenance than other tools require and they’re confidence isn’t misplaced. They’ve been satisfying their customers for a quarter of a century and you don’t get that old by making bad tools. Machine shop owners and managers, machine shop purchasing agents, and machine operators know what makes the world go around and Online Carbide has the tools to make all of them happy.

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