Dumpor – Anonymous Instagram Stories and Post Viewer (2023)


Dumpor is a hidden Instagram, Reel, Posts, and Stories viewer that is free to use. Yes! You can look at your Instagram feed in privacy. Those who don’t want to be overwhelmed with advertising or other annoying content but still want to keep up with the latest postings will enjoy this option. It also offers a search tool that lets you look for certain users or tags in your feed. Read this article to learn how it works.

Dumpor Overview?

You can use this tool to check your Instagram profile. With the use of this free app, which uses a method, you can discover more about your profile and other details. Dumpor checks the social media performance of your account against that of your rivals.

Along with other data, it shows which content kinds are most effective, which ones have the most devoted fans, and which pieces are producing the most likes, replies, and shares.

Users of this platform for data geeks and digital marketers can review their social media profiles to improve their marketing efforts. Good customer understanding could lead to more efficient advertising. You can find areas for growth by using tools to study account data. You can also use the tool to discover fresh ways to grow your social media presence.

The app’s goal was to increase user experience and security when they browse social media. Both on iOS and Android phones, you can download it for free. By using this, you can view your friends’ Instagram activity without first adding them as followers. Additionally, you may use it to keep track of your growth and discover how many users have seen your content.

Dumpor Instagram

How Does This Website Work?

This is an app designed to make your life easier. It lets you to watch Instagram posts in one location, allowing you to keep track of any and all your account’s updates and posts without having to go through each posts.

It is completely free to download and install and is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. You can begin using it by launching the app, choosing the Instagram profile you wish to browse, and then tapping on the stories icon in the top left corner of the screen.

It is a wonderful tool for folks who are short on time and want to keep up with their accounts on social media without spending hours going through individual posts.

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Using the It search box on the homepage, you can find a certain Instagram story. You may access all of their tales by typing the username of the account you’re looking for. In order to focus your search, you may also explore by date or make use of the filters.

There is also a “popular” option on the website that displays the most popular posts from each account if you don’t have time to browse through all of the tales. With its regular updating of the most recent postings, it is a fantastic method to understand what topics people are currently engaging in.

This tool is available for free and is safe to use. It can also be used to track your posts on other websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can view all of your stories, replies, and favourites in one location with its help. Anyone who wishes to keep order on Instagram should use it. It will simplify your life and is simple to use.

Why It Is Better Than Other Services?

You use your phone a lot, like most people do. There is always something to do, whether it be looking through your feed or checking your messages. Additionally, there are times when you might be doing something else instead of this dull work.

In this case, Dumpor is useful. Your job is a little bit easier thanks to an Instagram story viewer. It will automatically locate the most recent news and allow you to watch it directly from the app rather than having you to launch the app and look for one.

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It makes it simple to download Instagram Stories videos for later viewing. Additionally, it has a few extra qualities that make it the perfect tool for digital marketers. 

There are many options available for video content on Instagram. There is something for everyone, from short clips to live streaming. But it might be difficult to keep track of everything with the variety of platforms and tools available. It arrives at that point.

This saves your data use and is also quicker and simpler than searching. If you don’t need any stories, you can avoid downloading them by using it. It preserves storage on both your phone and your computer.

Instagram Stories

It has additional useful features besides to being quicker and more effective. As an example, you can comment on stories directly from the app. You don’t need to exit the app and return to Instagram. Additionally, it offers a “save for later” button that will save a tale to the storage on your phone if you wish to save it for later.

For anyone who uses their phone frequently, it is a fantastic app. It saves data, has some great functions like reviews and saves for later, and is quicker and simpler than looking for stories.


  • You won’t be charged a single cent to use any of the features. Additionally, since the website does not save any of your private details, there is less chance that it will accidentally reveal such information.
  • Another benefit of using this website is how user-friendly it is. A complete beginner can use this platform and understand where to start.
  • The app also makes it very quick and simple to download news, pictures, videos, and other content. Regarding downloads, it has no restrictions.
  • When seeing someone’s Instagram profile on Dumpster, the owner of the account cannot see that you recently read their posts or downloaded their photos.
  • Additionally, you will be able to quickly search through a number of hashtags.

Final Verdict

A new Instagram post viewer called Dumpor makes your job simpler. It is perfect for you if you’re going on an Instagram post and want to check what the public has been up to. With this tool, you can quickly navigate through every post in a story and see which one got the most views.

Other useful features are also included, such as the option to follow users in stories and receive notifications when they post new content. This tool is for you if you want a simple method for tracking the growth and usage of your Instagram Story.

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