What The “Arrival” Scene Of Glass Onion Scene Means

Glass Onion

Fans from all over the world were excited about the release of the Glass Onion movie. It is a sequel to Knives Out, a brilliant whodunit. For mystery lovers out there, nothing is better than a chilling whodunit. Hence many people tend to watch such movies. 

The movie Knives out perfected the craft of making a whodunit a few years back. So when this movie Glass Onion was announced as a spiritual sequel to the original, naturally fans were excited. 

Glass Onion

The movie is released already. It is already garnering a plethora of reviews at large. There is in particular an “arrival” scene to reckon with. Many viewers have loved this and the internet is full of speculations about it. Hence the attraction of it increasing constantly.

So are you looking to analyze this particular scene? Do not worry as Rian Johnson does this for you. So go on to read this article and gain clarity in this matter.

What is Rian Johnson talking about?

Rian Johnson in an interview with Vanity has detailed the arrival scene of the movie. The scene finds Daniel Craigs detective character Benoit Blanc meeting the so-called “douchey friends” of Edward Norton’s eccentric billionaire Miles Bron—Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson), Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.), Claire Debella (Kathryn Hahn), Duke Cody (Dave Bautista).

All of them first meet at a port. Then they go on to attend a real mystery murder party on a distant private island. 

The movie premiered on November 23 for a limited theatrical release. But it is not available on Netflix. What is interesting is that this particular ensemble scene sets the tone of the movie for later. As a mystery thriller, building up the moments is very important. It sets the tone of anticipation. Hence this scene is very much important. 

Difference between the two movies

There is a considerable difference between the two movies to reckon with. While Knives out is a “cozy brown, New England sweater”, Glass Onion on the other hand is “the blues and yellows of summer in Greece with beautiful swimwear.” Thus the movies are far apart according to Johnson in qualitative terms.

Inspiration for the movie

The main inspiration for the Glass Onion movie is none other than the pioneer of whodunits, Agatha Christie. The Queen of Mystery wrote over 100 novels and many short stories. Hence people loving mystery stories have to rely on her at some point in their life. She has created the famous characters of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. 

What makes her stories unique is the fact that these are full of twists as well as turns. Hence she is an inspiration for this movie as well.

Johnson says:

“She was coming into each one with a totally different conceptual approach. She was trying twists and turns and narrative gambits. However, she was subverting the tropes of the genre from the very start.” 

Thus the very decision of making each film in a different universe stems from his love for Agatha Christie.

The vibe of the scene

Johnson worked with costume designer Jenny Eagan to create a perfect vibe for the scene. He aspired the assembled characters to be like “distinct as characters in a game of Clue, but also looking like somebody that would be walking around in the real world.” 

The different costumes set the tone for the story. It also helps to develop the plot accordingly. Hence Johnson prioritized this. He also kept in place all the proper Covid-19 protocols at the scene.


Naturally, the arrival scene set the stage for the movie to develop. Naturally many users are loving it.

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