Psychological Reasons Why People Play Games

Play Games

There is no doubt that the playing of games has been a central part of human development for many years, and there are all sorts of reasons out there why this has been such an enduring aspect of people. While some of these may seem like they are as simple as saying that people play them for enjoyment or to connect better with friends, there are all sorts of other elements that are worth bearing firmly in mind. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these right here and now. 

Competency and Mastery 

To begin with, it seems to be a natural part of the human condition that we wish to become competent in various pursuits. Many people want to go one stage further and master them entirely. These twin goals can be achieved through the playing of games in an environment that is controlled and you know exactly what the rules happen to be, whether you are engaging in roulette online for real money or Halo. 


While we are highly social creatures as human beings, there is no doubt that we also want to have something of a sense of control over our destinies. Of course, in the real world, there is a lot that can come about that feels like it is entirely out of our control and we do not know what to do about it. However, in the world of games, there are fixed rules that you know and can work within. 


There is no doubt that the sense of community in gaming is something that has increased massively with the advent of online gaming. While not every gamer out there is searching for a sense of community, it is certainly a central aspect for many people. Just think how many people get out board games when they decide that they would like to move to create an even greater sense of connection with those around them. 


There has certainly long been a human need for escapism, and in a world that appears that it is increasingly uncertain and difficult to navigate, there is no doubt that this can be seen more and more prominently. While some people get this through binge-watching TV shows, one of the ways of getting a greater sense of involvement in the stories around them is certainly through the playing of games. With escapism comes an even greater sense of relaxation and perhaps the potential to engage with real life on a closer basis. 

As you can see from this list of four psychological factors alone, there is no doubt that playing games can bring about all sorts of direct advantages, as well as speaking to the needs that we have as human begins. It may well be the case that you already knew this or perhaps you had always viewed playing games as something of a waste of time that is not needed. Why not give some games a try and see how you get on?

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