A Close Look at 3 New Seiko Prospex Watches Worth Buying

Seiko Prospex

More than a century ago, the world-renowned house of watchmaking established itself as one of the most formidable companies in their local market and on the international scene: Japan’s pride, the Seiko Watches.

And with the Japanese tradition of unparalleled craftsmanship, aesthetics, and diligent attitude toward perfection, it is not surprising for them to create an impeccable collection of sports watches, the Seiko Prospex. The term Prospex comes from the word “professional specifications.” It is Seiko’s answer to the world’s continuing need for the best sports watch that can stand out against any harsh conditions it might encounter. Seiko Prospex has never stopped evolving.

 For years, they have shown us their outstanding capability by giving us their continuing innovation with this collection. And today, we take a close look at its newest desirable additions worthy of our attention.

 This watch is a member of the Black series released this year, and it’s a limited edition of only 5500 pieces ever made. This re-interpretation of the Japanese first diver watch has proven its reliability. While applying the same vibe of its design and the competent quality and toughness, it is again updated with the latest innovations of technology and style to fit the growing needs of our modern time. This Seiko Prospex watch is a perfect night diving companion for everyone who wants to explore and be fascinated with the mystical beauty of the ocean world in the dark.

 The Dial and Bezel: The dial has a simple hue of black and pattern that conveys the realistic surface of the sea bed. It also has orange accents that can easily capture the lights shining under the sea even at night. 

LumiBrite: the hands and hour markers are covered by Lumbirite for clear and precise visibility even at the darkest part of the ocean.

 Strap: The fabric strap is specifically made to ensure durability and resistance against exposure to different harsh environments. What’s best is it also comes with an additional strap as a freebie.

 Casing and crystal coating: the watch is made of top-of-the-line hard coating stainless steel with maximum strength and has an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface of the timepiece. 

  • Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Oregon22 Limited Edition SRQ041

 A limited edition on the list, the 400 pieces of Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Oregon22, will be released in June 2022. This watch is equipped with a speed timer watch. Seiko created this watch to celebrate its timeless tradition of supporting the sports community and role as the official timekeeper of the upcoming 2022 World Athletics Championship. 

As one of the pioneers in making sports watches beginning in the late 1960s, Seiko has proven their handmade craftsmanship again for the betterment not only of their product but also in the scene of sports by providing the state-of-the-art timepieces that gauge and calculate the speed and time. 

 Dial and Bezel: the black dial depicts the sandy texture of the running track that adds elegance while maintaining the sporty look. 

LumiBrite: Like the other Prospex watches, the hour and minute hands are hardly coated by Lumibrite to improve legibility even in the dark. 

Strap: the watch is presented on sturdy stainless steel specifically made for this series to ensure its toughness. It also has a free black leather strap that you can swap.

Back Casing: as a limited edition, it has a particular see-through case with the official logo of the World Athletic Championships Oregon 2022.

  • Prospex “The Black Series King Samurai” SRPH97K1

Another emblematic dive watch is the Seiko Prospex “The Black Series King Samurai” SRPH97K1. Although the Black Series sub-collections are not relatively new to us, their general concept has been adopted in this latest addition to the collection. It was an evolution of this initial version way back in 2004. 

But here in the Prospex King Samurai, one of the most notable changes or additions is that it now comes with a sapphire crystal and a ceramic insert for the Bezel. With its similar quality and durability, this dive watch will surely be a new hit for people who love to swim, dive, and explore the wonders of our oceans.

 Dial and Bezel: unlike the previous version, the Prospex King Samurai has an elegantly simple and matte textured dark gray dial. It has a black ceramic bezel to compliment the overall design as a night vision edition.  

LumiBrite: hands of this watch are generously coated with dark green LumiBrite color, a unique mixture that has a lovely minty green color that gives a unique style and vibes. 

Casing: it has top-of-the-line black hard-coated stainless steel. Every watch has its unique serial number engraved on the back case.

Strap: it uses a high-quality, durable black silicone strap to ensure comfort while not compromising its toughness inside or outside the water.

Other Seiko Prospex Watches Worth Buying

Aside from those three lovable watches above, there are still good watches that you can choose from in this Prospex collection, such as the Prospex Antarctica Monster and Tuna series. With this “Save The Ocean” Special edition model, Seiko masterfully combines its expertise in making state-of-the-art watches and its vigorous effort to conserve and protect our marine environment for our future generations.

Final Thoughts

With Seiko’s expertise and experience in over a century in the watchmaking industry, all of the timepieces they bring out are guaranteed with the topmost quality, precision, and unwavering style, especially in their Prospex collection. 

From the most iconic everyday watch to the timepieces that can withstand any obstacles of the natural environment, Seiko will undoubtedly continue its innovative exploration in watchmaking to have perfect timepieces worthy of our hard-earned money. With that, Seiko has cemented its place as one of the best timepiece manufacturers in the world.  

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