Certain Questions To Be Asked While Transporting A Car Abroad

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Want to relocate your car to a different nation? Searching for an entrusted packers and movers Delhi to ship it? Incalculable questions are overflowing out of your mind? Want to get all the queries solved? No problem! You are on the right track. Hiring a professional for your move will make things easier; they will answer all the questions patiently.

In this article, I will be mentioning some of the frequently asked queries to help you out in every possible way.

1. How can I put up an enquiry to move my car internationally?

You can directly visit the official website of the company that is selected by you and raise an enquiry from there by following the guidelines mentioned there.

2. Does a moving company who ships residential items can move a car also?

Yes, they are experts in all kinds of shipment. They promote all the movements whether is a domestic, international, industrial, vehicle or an official move.

3. Is there something that I need to do on my own before the moving company arrives to pick up my car?

There are a few things you need to do before the service providers arrive-

• Do not keep any bag or anything while the car is in transit. Remove all the belongings from inside only factory installed items should be left there.
• Wash your car properly and keep the fuel level 1/4th of the tank’s capacity.
• If any part of the car is damaged inform it to the vendors.
• Click the photographs of the current condition of the car before shipment so that later you can compare if damage occurred.
• Do not store any household item inside the car; they do not get any insurance coverage in that case.
• Turn off the alarms.

4. What will be the process for the movement?

These moving companies load the cars in their specialized car carriers and then transfer them at the destination point with utmost safety and security.

5. What documents are required to be submitted?

• Original car title of the company and if there is a lien holder then the certificate from the lien holder authorizing the vehicle to be shipped out of the country.
• Inventory of the car describing its specifications.
• Complete valuation form and letter of instruction required for the shipment.
• Registration certificate, pollution certificate, driving license and ID proof.
If any document besides the above-mentioned list is required they will be giving proper guidance about that.

6. Can I ship a few articles along with the car?
No, it is not allowed to put any article inside it because it can cause damage to the car. Also, it is beyond the norms of the company.

7. How can I track the status of my car?

They have GPS tracking system enabled in their car carriers. A customer can track the status online at any time of the day.

8. How the cost for the shipment is calculated?

The computation of the total cost to be charged depends upon the two factors- one is the size and value of the car, other is the distance between the pickup and drop locations. Only these two aspects are considered while calculating.

9. What if they delayed the delivery?

The chances of delayed delivery are possible only if something beyond their control occurs. For example weather changes, natural calamities, political conflicts, accidents occur then, in such situation delivery can be late otherwise not.

10. What if some damage occurs in the car while transiting?

The current situation of the car will be recorded in the form of photographs which will be clicked at the pickup point in the presence of the customer. Further, if something damage they will repair it on the command of the customer. Also, there are certain norms of every company which are already disclosed to the customers by them.
Hope this will help you to retain the necessary knowledge and you may have safe movement with movers and packers Delhi.