Office Replacement Parts Has Steelcase Chair Parts and More Available Online

Steelcase Chair Parts

One of the best-known names in office furniture is Steelcase, which is known for quality construction and durable products. There are offices in America with 50-year old Steelcase files and chairs that work like new. Sometimes, however, an accident can happen and there may be a need for some Steelcase Chair Parts, file cabinet parts, or something else. That’s where Office Replacement Parts can make a big difference.

Easy to Find and Easy to Buy Steelcase Chair Parts

At, there is a section of the website devoted solely to Steelcase replacement parts. When customers look at the wide range of parts available, they’re happy to see that whatever they may need is available. Office Replacement Parts has casters, pneumatic cylinders, arm pads, seats and back supports all at great prices.

Chair Parts for All the Different Steelcase Styles

Office Replacement Parts stocks the chair parts for the following chair Steelcase styles and more:

  •  Criterion 453 Chair
  •  Drive 461 Chair
  •  Leap 462 Chair
  •  Rally 457 Chair
  •  Sensor 458 Chair
  •  Think 465 Chair

Steelcase is a Respected Name in Office Chairs

The Steelcase name has been in the office furnishings business for over 100 years. With that much experience, it’s hard to find better office furnishings that are just as useful today as they were at the turn of the 20th century.

Steelcase is known for designing, engineering, and manufacturing some of the most advanced and leading-edge designs as can be found on the market today. Few companies have the longevity in the marketplace combined with the breadth of products and the innovative thinking that Steelcase can bring to the table.

Buy With Confidence from Office Replacement Parts

Customers have been relying on Office Replacement Parts for a long time and they know that when it comes to convenience and top-shelf customer support, there is no one better at getting them what they want and need.

The folks at Office Replacement Parts know what it takes to get Steelcase chair parts or any other office furniture parts on their way to a customer. Regardless of whether a customer needs one chair caster or a hundred casters, the customer support at Office Replacement Parts is ready to get the right parts ordered and on their way quickly.

Customer Support That Takes a Backseat to No One

The important thing to remember when purchasing parts for office equipment is that there really is no such thing as a “will fit” part that makes up for or does a better job than the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) part. The manufacturer’s parts will always fit better, be easier to work with, and last longer than a “will fit” part.

That’s where the excellent customer support at Office Replacement Parts makes a difference. They know more about the parts than anyone. When customers need Steelcase chair parts or any other item, they are encouraged to take a couple of photos of the needed parts and send those photos to the customer service department at Office Replacement Parts so that the correct replacement part can be identified and shipped quickly.

Find Out for Yourself Why So Many Customers Trust Office Replacement Parts

Customers who have questions or need further information regarding their order can contact the company’s expert customer support staff by going to the website contact page and submitting an inquiry on the inquiry form provided there or they can send an email to If they would like to speak with a customer support representative they can call the company at 347-561-7587 between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Saturday.