Nine Fun Facts You Have To Know About My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a popular game with the famous character My Talking Tom and his friends who repeat what people say. The app got the attention of children as well as adults. It was also later made into a web series known as Taking Friends. The interesting storyline shows the daily activities of Talking Tom and his friends. Further, it is a media franchise made by Outfit7 Limited. Lots of merchandise is available that sells products based on Talking Tom and Friends. There are many fun facts you have to know about Talking Tom. It will surely help you know about the journey of what led to the creation and popularity of My Talking Tom Friends. 

Started with humble beginnings 

The first game in which the character Tom appeared was Talking Tom Cat, which the company Outfit7 launched in 2010. Also, it was made by eight people in a garage using a $90 3D model of a tall cat. After that, Outfit7 became a multinational entertainment company. They also got Tom many other friends like Ben the Dog, Angela the cat and more. 

A multi-award winner 

Outfit7 has many offices all over the world. It has become a global team of around 350 people. Also, they have won many awards for their digital video content. 

The birthday of Tom

It seems the birthday of Talking Tom is August 18th. He is an enthusiastic and natural leader. 

The latest game My Talking Tom Friends is a great hit 

The characters of the Talking Tom World are together in the My Talking Tom Friends game. This is a game that fans have always desired. Plus, the players can take care of the pets in the game and go on many adventures. Further, there are many amazing features too. 

Tom is a superstar 

In 2016 the character made a silver screen debut in the film Nine Lives. He appeared in the film with Jennifer Garner. Now Tom is also set to start in a movie where he is the main character. Also, the motion picture is currently in the works. Outfit7 has got the help of Jean-Julien Baronnet, the producer of the film Assassin’s Creed and TV series Rabbids Invasion. 

TV series Talking Tom and Friends 

There is a 3D animated series of Tom and his friends known as Talking Tom and Friends. It is currently in the fifth season. It is the ninth most on-demand series right now. Colin Hanks is giving his voice to Tom in the series. 

Tom is a huge fan of sports. 

Tom is a thrill seeker and is a great fan of sports. He always likes to play adrenaline pumping games. Also, he likes to play with his friends, who always support him. 

The game, series and movies have lots of fans. 

My Talking Tom Friends have lots of fan following. Over the past years, they have earned fans. His merchandise sells for millions of dollars. People in the UK, USA, India, and Brazil love him and his friends. 

He has best friends 

The best friend of Talking Tom is the dog, Ben. He is a brown and tan dog who is a genius and a nerd. He always talks rashly, but he is altogether friendly with people.  

Another friend of Tom is Angela. She is a beautiful white cat with blue eyes. Also, she loves to sing and exudes confidence. Mostly she is kind to all the characters and worries about her friends. Sometimes she also gets angry but patches up soon. 


These are some of the interesting facts about My Talking Tom and Friends. He is a famous character who enjoys life. Also, he has taught others to enjoy life.