Characteristics of the all lives Matter Flag

all lives Matter Flag

You must have seen flags fluttering atop buildings, carried with pride during marches and demonstrations, and hoisted on particular occasions. They represent an idea, history, struggle, or sacrifice throughout history. Flags come in various designs, even though the majority of them are rectangular in shape. However, it is interesting that almost no country includes purple in its flags for historical, functional, and practical reasons. One of the flags you might have seen in recent times is the all lives matter flag in the USA, used by people on various occasions. What are some things you must know about the flag and what to check before buying it?

What is the all lives matter flag?

The all lives matter flag symbolizes peace, unity, and progress throughout the USA. It is a beautiful flag consisting of a peace sign, used worldwide by various cultures. It has a cyan color (a shade between green and blue), with the peace symbol having a darker teal to help an onlooker recognize it from a distance. The words “All Lives Matter” are written in white in an easily readable font against a blue background, with a small hashtag #stoptheviolence at the bottom left corner. The flag will win over people who come across it for the first time with its beautiful and well-thought-out design instilling a sense of complete peace inside you.

What are the measurements of the flag?

All lives matter flag measures three by five feet and is suitable for various uses. You can use the banner for displaying it outside your house, van, trailer, or building, and it is also ideal for sports, competitions, or other social gatherings. Its size makes it suitable for indoor display on your wall, doors, or cabinets. Another idea is to use it for seasonal decoration during a particular holiday, season, or occasion. Besides these uses, you can use the flag for parades, demonstrations, and gatherings, to send your message across effectively and ensure the people take notice of your idea immediately. 

Characteristics of the flag

It consists of super-weave polyester

A flag will never serve the purpose it is meant to if it is not durable or made of solid material. It should not sag or tear for a long time once you fix it somewhere to get the people’s attention. If it droops, tears, or sags just a few days after installing it, and the designs are not visible, it will not be of much use to you or anybody. The all lives matter banner consists of super-weave polyester, one of the best fabrics that you can use for flags. Polyester is highly durable, strong, and resilient and maintains its shape without being stretched out in any way. It is also lightweight and supple, making it ideal for demonstrations and parades where you must carry it for a long time. Because it contains polyester, it is waterproof. Even if the flag comes into contact with water, the polyester will prevent it from soaking it entirely and restrict its presence to the surface. Since it has heat-resistant dye, you can also use it on days when it is hot without worrying about discoloration. 

The design is visible on both the sides

The all lives matter flag consists of three words written below each other, a hashtag, and the internationally recognized peace symbol in the upper-right hand corner. Therefore, such a well-thought-out design must be visible to everybody at all times, without requiring any effort on their part. The bright dye used for coloring the flag makes the design easily visible on both sides. Since the paint is also fade-resistant, you can be sure of it lasting for a longer time than the usual fabric. 

Double-stitched on the edges

This refers to a stitch made along the edge of the cloth to ensure its protection and prevent it from curling or rolling out. Since this flag is double stitched, you won’t have to worry about its fraying out at the edges over time.

It has grommet holes

You can also hang the flag wherever you want, without fear of it falling off or slipping to one side, thanks to the grommet holes. A grommet hole is a metal ring attached through a hole into a fabric that allows the usage of a wire, cord, or rope without affecting its appearance in any way. Besides metals, manufacturers also use rubber and plastic for making grommet holes. 

An all-lives matter flag is beautiful, durable, and sturdy. It is made of polyester, has grommet holes, attractive design, and other various qualities that catch the attention of onlookers the first time they see it.