Know About The Royal Mail’s Average Shipping Time From UK To USA

Average Shipping Time From UK To USA

We often send and receive mails either to our friends or for official purposes, isn’t it?. However, many of you might not have a clear idea about what Royal Mail is all about, isn’t it? So in this article, we will be discussing some of the significant aspects of United Kingdom-based Mail Collection and delivery services. At the same time, we will also let you know the Average Shipping Time From UK To USA

So would you like to know what Royal Mail is? Stay with us until the end to know some of the interesting facts about Royal Mail. Let us have a look!

What Do You Mean By Royal Mail?

As you can understand by the name, Royal Mails are the service of mail collection and delivery work throughout the United Kingdom. In fact, they work when people place letters and parcels in post or parcel boxes and in cases where several boxes are received from companies. Then the delivery men transfer these boxes to Royal Mail sorting offices. In fact, till now, the Royal Mails possesses and sustains the UK’s unique red pillar boxes. This was introduced a long time back, in 1852. 

Moreover, Royal Mail makes prompt deliveries. In fact, they deliver mail every day other than Sundays and bank holidays at consistent charges across the UK. If you look at the history of the Royal Mail, you will find that it was a public service. However, a government department or a public corporation operated it. Now let us check out some of the other aspects about Royal Mails before we delve into knowing the average shipping time from UK to USA. 

Check Out The Royal Mail Tracking Number Formats

So if you are wondering how the formats of the tracking numbers of Royal Mails are, let us share with you some of the examples:

UK Tracking

  • Two-letters and Seven numbers 
  • Four letters, and Ten numbers

International Tracking Of Exports

  • Two letters and Nine numbers with CB in addition. 
  • Twelve numbers

International Tracking Of Exports

  • Two letters, and Nine numbers, and Two letters

How Long Does It Take Royal Mail To Reach UK To USA??

Many of our readers are probably eager to know the average shipping time from UK to USA. You need not worry as we will be discussing some of the relevant aspects concerning it right here. As per the reports, Royal Mails generally take 5-9 days on air services; however, it might also take 42 days through other means of conveyance. 

If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you will know that the UK has very strict rules. In fact, these rules pertain to what can and what cannot be delivered. Therefore, if by chance your parcel falls under any of those restrictions or it gets further delayed to other inspections, it will take a longer time than usual to reach you. 

However, there are also a number of services that Royal Mail offers to their clients. You may check out the following to know about the services:

1st Class

As the name suggests, clients receive these mails by the very next day. In fact, the delivery services also have techniques to verify whether the parcel was picked up or not. However, the charges might be high for receiving these services.

2nd Class

Unlike the 1st Class deliveries, this takes 2-3 business day service. People who are looking for cheap rates can opt for this delivery option. 

Special Delivery Guaranteed

You must have heard the slogan, “On time or your money back!” So you can well understand that you will receive your mail by the very next day. Therefore, this is one of the most sought-after delivery services by clients. 

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Royal Mails are the UK’s one of the most reliable mail services. It is due to the prompt and assured services that people prefer them. Also, the average shipping time from the UK to USA is pretty quick than other mailing services.