How to improve your LinkedIn profile for Job ?

How to improve your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional website that helps you build professional links, look for jobs, or create business profiles or brand awareness. It is a potent networking tool, but it is only useful if you know how to use it in the right direction.

In this article today, we will tell you about how to improve your LinkedIn profile. Here are a few changes that you need to make, which will create a significant impact.

 How to improve your LinkedIn profile?

Here are some ways to improve your LinkedIn profile:

Make your profile public and Upload a quality profile picture. 

The very first thing that you need to do is to make your profile public. This will allow more searches to show up, and more recruiters will be able to spot you. While uploading your profile picture, keep in mind that it should be clear and professional. Add some background images that look attractive and describe your personality or your brand. Remember, the background helps in grabbing attention.

Tips to improve your profile picture on LinkedIn

If you are confused about how to pick a perfect profile picture for your LinkedIn account so, here are a few tips:

  1. Look for a recent profile picture that looks exactly like you. Don’t use a 10-year-old profile picture.
  2. Do a little makeup, set your hair, and take a decent picture.
  3. Use a high resolution, quality photographs. If your picture looks blur, avoid uploading it.
  4. Fill the frame with 60% of your face and be alone in the picture. Don’t upload a group photograph or a cropped image.
  5. Take the picture in a soft and natural light. Ask someone to take your photo. Don’t go for a selfie.

 Make your summary describe your story. 

Describe your story in the description box. Try to bring life to every word you write. The writer should be able to relate to your account. Describe who you are, where you want to see yourself in the future, your goals, and your perspective. Don’t be in a hurry and make a few drafts.

Request recommendations

Recommendations play a significant role in your LinkedIn profile. Ask people with whom you have worked to give written testimonials about your working experience. Create a separate section of recommendation in your profile.

Customize your LinkedIn URL

When you join LinkedIn, you are given URL links. It doesn’t affect much if you keep the same URL, but if you create your customized LinkedIn URL, it becomes relatively easy and reflects professionalism.

To build your customized LinkedIn URL, all you need to do is click on the profile, edit profile, and edit right under your picture.

Follow the right people.

LinkedIn is much more than a personal network. So, follow people who are successful and inspire you. Follow influencers, leaders, and news feeds to keep you relevant about what is happening in and around the industry.

Writing your headline

Your headline is the very first thing that any person sees when they visit your profile. When you change your current position or company, then LinkedIn, by default, adds that title to your headline. But it might not be a great way to attract recruiters, so instead of this, try to create a unique headline.

Use the right keywords to target as they play a vital role.

We spent a lot of time building the brand name of our company. We understand that sometimes it becomes quite tricky, but thanks to the internet, you can now create your brand name with the help of a click. So, now you know how to improve your LinkedIn profile. So, quickly grab your laptop and start updating your profile.

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