Dig Into Some Frag Pro Shooter Tips That Will Let You Play The Game With Ease

Frag pro shooter

Oh Bi Bi has come to the fore with a game that lets you experience Overwatch like game on mobile. The latest game, Frag pro shooter is a type of arena shooter game full of class-based characters. Like most hero shooter games, you need to become the ultimate team player and guide your team to victory.

Well, if you are new to these types of games, then don’t worry. Here, you will get some tips that will help you to win games effortlessly. You will assemble game-winning teams and win the area locale fights. So, now’s the time to go through this article and get everything that you need to know about Frag pro shooter.

These Are A Few Tips Of Winning In Frag Pro Shooter

As we said earlier, frag pro shooter is an amazing shooting game that focuses on teamwork and efficiency. If you have got what it takes to win, then you can surely ace this game. However, it’s also true that there are a lot of beginners out there who have no clue about this game. To those, don’t worry because this game is not that difficult. With some easy tips, you will surely win the games. So, now’s the time to take a look at some of the tips that we will show here.

You Need To Stick Close To Teammates And Then Take Down The Enemy Team’s Bullseye Targets As Quickly As Possible

First of all, the rules of this game are pretty simple. In Frag pro shooter, the only way to win is the completely obliterate the enemy team’s health bar. In order to do that, you need to eliminate the opponent team’s heroes.

One of the most important things is to target the bullseye targets of the enemy team. Moreover, if an enemy moves into your crosshairs, it’s time to pick off their HP or kill them.

Achieving the goal of this game is a bit easier when you are close to one or two of your teammates. The only time you will play solo is when you will look for any pickup or leftover diamonds and gold on the battlefield.

When you have collected everything, don’t forget to get back to fighting alongside your teammates. As we said earlier, you should focus on taking out the Bullseye targets of the enemy team.

Building Up Three Battle Decks

Did you know that you can unlock several new heroes each time you fight your way into new arenas and open reward chests? Well, it’s pretty great because each hero falls under one battle class. The battle classes are- Attack, Defense, Center, and Camp. So, as we mentioned, there are lots of heroes to choose from, and only a few you can place into three battle decks.

You can click on each heroes to see their stats and special ability. According to the pros, one of the most successful decks is comprised of Dr. Frost, Dan, Jay B, Jet, and Big Paku.

Being Smart With Gold, Diamond & Other Items

One of the common mistakes a player makes in Frag Pro Shooter is to waste resources. Items like gold and diamonds that you collect by picking up during matches should be used properly. For instance, you can use gold to upgrade your heroes and purchase new ones. In fact, you can also buy existing heroes to upgrade their stats.

As for the diamonds, you can use those items to get XP boosters, chests, gold, etc. When you have enough diamonds, don’t forget to purchase a Season XP booster. It’s pretty important because it will push you towards a new arena locale.

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