5 Best Gifts for New Moms 2022 – Cool Gift Ideas for Your New Mom

Cool Gift Ideas for Your New Mom
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Gifts are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to a person you love. Sometimes even the minor gifts can mean the world to people. Being an integral part of life, gifts hold immense significance in relationships especially when it comes to a relationship between a mom and her child. Gifts contribute in not only building a stronger relationship with your mom but also in bringing more sustainability in it. You can give presents on various occasions or even a random present would express your love and show her the care and respect you have for her.

Although giving your mom a present does not need a reason but there are certain occasions which can be made way more special with a gift. Here are some categories of gift to make your gift-shopping easier:

  • Birthday present
  • Anniversary present
  • Mother’s Day present
  • Gratitude present
  • Apology present 
  • Congratulatory present for achievements or promotions
  • Pampering present
  • Sentimental present 

Here are some ideas you can use to come up with the most perfect gift for your mother and double her happiness on her special occasion:

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry is a great gift for women. It is not only loved by most of them but also remains with them forever, either on their neck or hand. For your mommy, you would want to keep a few things in mind before buying a piece of jewelry for her. You must know her choice which means if she likes wearing tacky jewelry or is she into a more subtle or minimal one. 

  • Engraved Bracelets

Engraved Bracelets

Engraved jewelry has been a big trend back in the days. It would still work wonders in your relationship with your mom. Being a symbol of love and a reflection of your relationship with her, it will make a great sentimental birthday present. 

  • Vintage Picture Locket 

Vintage Picture Locket 

Vintage jewelry is another wonderful idea for mommy gifts. Picture locket with a cute little picture of you and mom will make a great present for almost any occasion. Take things to another level and incorporate expensive metal like gold or platinum. You can also get it custom made and add intricate design to the locket’s exterior.

  • DIY Resin Jewelry 

Epoxy resin jewelry is a rising trend of 2020, you can add almost anything resin, attach a hook and chain to it and Voila! Your very own home-made jewelry is ready. 

DIY Resin JewelryWhen it comes to jewelry gift ideas for mothers, you can use preserved flowers, aluminum bits, and pigments to make pendants and bracelets. Also, you can use ‘Her’ and other molds for making the cutest little species of jewelry for your mom.

Resin Jewelry

  • Birthstones 


Birthstones pendants have always stood out in the jewelry industry. They make great presents for everyone, especially for mothers. Knowing someone’s birthstones is not a bid deal; they are associated with their birth month. Gifting your mom one would definitely brighten her mood up. Such small yet powerful gestures can make a huge difference in a relationship with your parents.

  • Beauty And Care 

Moms look after us all the time. From the time we were born till today. It is time you start giving her the same care and pampering she showered you with, all your life. Skincare, haircare, and cosmetics are a great present idea which you can use for her birthday, anniversary, or just randomly drop a package to spoil her.

Beauty And Care 

  • Skin Care Products

With age, the skin’s requirement for care also increases. Make a basket including toner, day and night creams, lotions, balms, and masks. Make sure to read the packaging and label for each product to know the ingredients and expiration. Prefer herbal products and brands like Body Shop or Victoria’s secret if you are looking for a more feminine touch. Various brands sell skincare gift boxes. If you want to get all her favorite products from different brands, make a custom goodie basket.  

  • Hair Care Products

Haircare does not only include shampoos and conditioners. If your mama is into styling, you can give her straightener, curling iron, and other styling products like mousse and hair accessories. Hair masks are also a great idea; they provide nourishment and recover the damage done by styling which makes a great present, any time of the year.

  • Cosmetics 

Does your mom have a favorite eyeshadow palette? Is she looking forward to a launch? It is a great time to gift her favorite makeup product. There have been Mother’s Day special product lines by a different brand like OlaPlex, NuFace, and La Labo Santel. You can use them or just make one yourself with different makeup products, all in one cute bag.


  • Clothing, Footwear, and PJs

From warm cozy pullovers to stylish cardigans, clothing, and apparel have thousands of options when it comes to presents. It all depends on the type of your present and your mom’s personality. Is she a classic mama bear who makes the best carrot soup? Or is she the modern mom of 2020 who likes to rock high heels?  

  • PJs And Eyepatches

Comfortable PJs can be a great present. I know it sounds silly but anything that brings comfort and coziness to someone’s life does not only become special but it always stays in their memory.

  • Fancy Dresses 

Getting a trendy dress for your mom to make her feel young again can be one of the best gifts ever. If you want to take it up a notch, set up an occasion. Celebrate a random day of spending time with your mom while she sits there looking gorgeous in that dress.

  • Heels or Converse?

Regardless of your mom’s personality, you can choose shoes for her. Even the women who are fond of converse and flat shoes like to wear heels occasionally. Getting her nice pair of Louboutin’s or maybe thigh-high boots would be a great present

  • Aprons, Overalls, and Jackets

If your mom spends most of her time cooking or has a job that requires clothing protection, you can give her a customized apron, overall, or a jacket in her favorite color with her nametag on it. You can get all sorts of customizable tags. Add personality to it using themes like flora and fauna, maybe a touch of abstractionism would look good too or just a simple solid-colored one can be just as perfect as well.

  • Cooking and Baking 

Most of the mothers love cooking and baking and if your mom is one of them, you can make the most perfect gift box for her.

  • Shiny utensils

Pots, dishes, skillet iron, and other cooking ware would work great as a present for her. If she likes a specific brand, it narrows down your choices which will make the gift shopping easier. Even in cooking ware, you can incorporate her personality with her favorite color and designs.

  • Baking Supplies

For a mom who loves to bake, there is no limit on presents. You can choose from basic ovens to small cookie cutters and spatulas. Antique baking dishes with floral patterns, stylish contemporary cake molds and cutters can not only ease her baking routines but also add a touch of modernity and style to her kitchen. 

  • CookBooks

Supplies make a great gift but a cookbook is even better. Giving her ideas for new recipes and kitchen ideas can brighten her day up. You can use cookbooks by chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. They will warm up your autumn evenings with their cozy recipes and bring comfort with a chilling popsicle idea to a hot summer day.

  • Custom-Made Supplies

Custom goods always make wonderful gifts as they are personalized. You can gift her supplies with custom-etched name or quotes which will always remind her of you.

  • Cute Little Things 

Your gift does not have to be a huge gift-wrapped present. Little gestures, sometimes mean more than the big ones.

  • Scented Candles 

Scented Candles

Candles do not only brighten up a setting but also leave a light floral scent that can improve the setting. They can be used in bathrooms, living room windows and on study tables, etc. There are various other fragrances like woody, earthy, sweet, and strong; go for what you momma would like the most.

  • Bath Bombs

Made from ingredients like citric acid, essential oils and Epsom salt, bath bombs are great for skin and stiff muscles. Gifting her a pack of four would be quite nice as nothing sounds better than a nice warm bath to relieve the tiredness after a long day. You can easily order one from Lush or even make one at home. DIY bath bombs are just as awesome.

  • Loose Knit Blankets 

A famous trend of 2019 which is still on, loosely knit blankets do not only look adorable but the high-quality wool keeps you warm. Get one for your mom in her favorite color and bring more comfort in her life.