Where to Live in Austin if You’re on a Budget

Living in Austin

Living in Austin is a dream for most. It’s a place where you can go out every night of the week and never have to worry about not finding something fun to do. But, living here isn’t cheap. The average cost of rent for apartments in Austin, TX is about $1,200 per month! If you’re on a budget, it might be hard to find an affordable place that has everything you need like transportation access or other things like proximity to your job. 

In this article we’re going to break down some options so that you can decide which area might work best for your situation.


Allandale is a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. It’s a residential area with a mixed population of people from different backgrounds and income levels. It has a lot to offer its residents, from family-friendly activities to great restaurants that are worth the wait for a table.

In Allandale, there are also many young professionals living in the neighborhood who work at the numerous tech companies that have their headquarters in the area. They can enjoy living close to their workplace and avoid spending too much time commuting like some other neighborhoods in Austin might require its residents to do.

Allandale is also home to many immigrants who came to America during tough times and found new opportunities in the city. They’ve grown into an important part of the community as business owners or employees that contribute greatly.

Barton Hills

Barton Hills is a residential neighborhood in Austin, Texas. It is located north of the University of Texas campus.

In Barton Hills, there are a number of shops and restaurants that provide residents with local entertainment and food options. It also has a small-town atmosphere where people can live a relaxed lifestyle in a suburban environment.

Barton Hills residents have access to Barton Springs Pool, one of the most popular swimming spots in Austin for both children and adults. Barton Springs Pool is open year round with hours from 9 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is a small town in Austin, Texas. It is considered a great place to live.

Dripping Springs has been on the radar of investors for decades because of its low crime rate, low tax rates, and it’s convenient location close to Austin.

In 2017 Dripping Springs had a population of 4100 people and is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas with 3% annual growth rate.


Cherrywood is an area in the south of Austin, Texas. The neighborhood is rich with history and culture because it was the first city settlement in the U.S.

Cherrywood is a beautiful, bustling community to live in with plenty of shopping centers and grocery stores nearby. It’s close to central Austin, so commuting becomes easy for residents who work downtown or travel north to south on IH-35.

But what many people don’t know about Cherrywood is that there are plenty of things you can do for fun here too! Check out these activities you can try out if you decide to move into Cherrywood!

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With all the great things that Austin has to offer, it’s no wonder people are moving here in droves. Whether you want a lively downtown neighborhood, an up-and-coming hipster hotspot or just some peace and quiet on your own private acreage, there is something for everyone when searching for apartments near Austin.