Muggle House Of Hermione Granger: Everything You Should Know

Hermione Granger
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The name Hermione Granger is enough to bring back beautiful memories and dreams for any Harry Potter fan. In fact, if you are a 90’s kid, then Harry Potter must have been a hard favourite for you. From reading the HP books, seeing the movies and discussing among friends, our childhood has remained obsessed with the magical world of JK Rowling. Diehard HP fans have always dreamed of living in the magical world of Hogwarts. What is more interesting is the fact that every single detail from the movie has been ingrained in their minds. The iconic house of Harry’s childhood, Hermoine’s house, their friendship with Ron, the long corridors of Hogwarts, the train platform, everything has become iconic things.

Therefore, the dream of seeing things and places physically has been a favourite wish for all HP fans. But, have you ever thought of getting hold of some real-life HP stuff? Well, you might argue that it is not possible. However, on the contrary, let me inform you that it is highly possible. If you are a Hermoine fan, then everything about her, starting from the Hermione Granger costume to her wand, would be the top things on your wishlist.

Well, as of now, we cannot give you the details to possess a Hermione Granger Wand. But, we can tell you the way in which you can own the Muggle home of Hermoine’s childhood. This is possible through the real estate business and all you need is a large sum of money to get hold of the property. You might have seen the home in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Therefore, read this article to know everything about the issue. 

Hermione Granger And Her Popularity

The full name of this character from HP is Hermione Jean Granger. She has been a prevalent character in all the books and movies of Harry Potter. In fact, this character became one of the intensely popular characters in the movies. Her popularity is so great that people have searched the internet to know about every single thing used by her like her costume, wand, home and many other things. The character even became the element of fantasy and crush of a large section of the youth generation. As a result, some weird internet searches also wanted to know about Hermione Granger nude. 

The Muggle Home that I am talking about in this article is seen as the home in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the first part of the movie, we see her reading The Daily Prophet in her bedroom of the house. Then she goes to the living room of the house to perform a charm to wipe away the memories of her parents from her mind. 

Hermione Granger And Her Popularity
Credit: wizarding world

The Property

The Muggle Home where Hermione spent her childhood days, is now up for sale. Yes! You have read that right. It is for the first time in the sixty years’ history of the home, it is up for sale. This news has reached us through Arlington Residency. It is three storied building with six bedrooms and two gardens. Thus, it is a large house. The asking price for the property is around $3.1 million USD. Thus, it will cost you a lot to live in the house of your wildest dreams. 

Concluding Lines

Thus, the opportunity is here for you to achieve something from your dreamland. However, the sale is not live as of yet but will hit the market soon enough. Thus, prepare yourself for the deal. Though the asking price is a lot, it will help you to relive your childhood dreams.

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1. How old is Hermione Granger?

As per the details available in the books, Hermione was born on the 19th of September 1979. Thus, as of 2023, she would be around 44 years old. 

2. Who plays Hermione Granger?

Emma Watson plays this iconic character. 

3. How tall is Hermione Granger?

She is around 5’5” tall.

4. How to draw Hermione Granger?

Follow this tutorial to draw this character easily. 

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