Challenges of Employee Time Management and How Does Automated Time Tracking Help

Challenges of Employee Time Management and How Does Automated Time Tracking Help

The world is moving on to remote working structures, which are not without their faults. While employers can save on utility bills, loss in productivity, lower morale, and time theft can increase financial burdens significantly. 

Understanding time theft and the importance of employee time management is crucial to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Although you may know about accurate time tracking software such as, you may not know the benefits of using it.

Understanding Time Theft

When employees log in their hours but include the time when they were engaged in other work refers to time theft. Although it may be a few minutes in a day, it can add up to a lot when accumulated across the year. Time theft can cause financial strain and demotivate team members who log their hours accurately but get the same pay as members who have worked less.

Hence, businesses must emphasize the importance of accurate time management and use time tracking software.

Challenges to Employee Time Management

Tracking employee time is difficult, especially when you are working remotely. It is impossible to know whether employees are entering the correct data. Various reasons make time tracking challenging, employee apprehension being the main. However, the biggest challenge to time tracking is apprehension from employees themselves.

Hesitancy from Employees

Employees are against time tracking software as it makes them feel watched or as if they are under surveillance. While their apprehension is understandable—no one likes to feel that they are back in school—it is crucial to explain the importance of time tracking. 

Tackling this issue is easy when you can convey the importance of time tracking for the company and the employees. With established guidelines for time tracking systems, it is easier to make it feel an integral part of business operations than a surveillance system.

Failing to Enter Time

When time tracking is new, the biggest challenge comes when employees forget to enter the relevant data. As employees are used to one way of doing things, it isn’t easy to get used to a new system right away. Thus, it is important to keep reminding your employees that they should fill in their timesheets accurately during the early days. While this can be time-consuming, it can ensure better results in the long run.

Time Trackers Can’t Reflect Work Done

A major criticism that employees have with time trackers is that they cannot track productivity. While you can spend one hour re-reading one page, you can have 5 minutes that are bursting full of ideas. Tracking time, thus, becomes arbitrary and not an accurate reflection of work done. 

However, it is crucial to emphasize that time tracking does not mean that you will assess your employee’s performance based on the number of hours they have worked. Time tracking can be beneficial for the employee as it helps them track time of various tasks and which one took up more of their time, manage concurrent projects efficiently, and progress.

Can Automated Time Tracking Help?

Once you learn the importance of time tracking, it is easy to see that automated time tracking is crucial for remote working structures. With automated time tracking, challenges to employee time management are resolved. 

Boosts Productivity

Time tracking helps boost productivity by assisting employees in identifying which tasks require more time and which ones can be completed right away. Automated time trackers ensure employees do not have to put in much effort in logging in their hours. An automated time tracker can work behind the scenes while your employees focus on improving their efficiency.

Increases Transparency and Accountability

With automated time trackers, it is easier to instill transparency and accountability within employees. By tracking their progress and work hours, they can see whether they contribute productively to the team’s efforts.

Efficient Project Completion

With time tracking, team members can have an in-depth insight into progress. They will know which task they should prioritize to ensure that projects are delivered on time. With automated time trackers, it is easier to maintain project timelines which helps in enhancing business efficiency.  

Implementing employee time tracking can present a unique set of challenges, but it is crucial to ensure its productivity. Selecting a time tracker can be challenging with numerous options. It is essential to determine which type will fit your business needs. 

Several issues are resolved with automated time trackers; hence, they have become necessary for companies with a remote working structure. Automated time trackers work in the background so as not to distract your employees from their main tasks.