Is APMEX A Safe Choice For Gold Investments?

What is APMEX

When it comes to gold, there are various methods by which investors can invest their money. Some people prefer to purchase gold stocks or even use gold investment IRAs, but there are plenty of companies out there that sell a range of precious metals in all forms and quantities.

APMEX is just one of many companies you can turn to if you want to buy gold, and it is far from the only company of its type. But is APMEX actually one you can trust, especially if you have never dealt with a company like this before? Let’s look a little deeper to see if it is right for you.

What is APMEX?

APMEX is a precious metals buyer and seller operating in over 60 countries as of writing this, with a global reach that makes it one of the most pronounced sources of many precious metals. So far, the amount of metals that have changed hands through APMEX can be measured in the hundreds of millions of ounces.

This, naturally, makes them one of the biggest companies to turn to if you need precious metals. Of course, APMEX is not the only one you can turn to when you are in the market for gold and silver, but they are one of the largest and most prominent.

APMEX was founded by Scott Thomas in 2000, who was joined by Kennis Lewis as the CEO in 2015. The company has balanced its operations with non-profit work, such as the American Numismatic Association and the Regional Food Bank.

What Does APMEX Offer?

As you might expect, APMEX offers to buy and sell a range of precious metals and related items as part of their regular options. They are authorized to distribute and purchase silver bullion, mint gold, and even US platinum bullion, among other types.

Notably, APMEX has focused on quality more than many other distributors. While there could be arguments against calling things like gold bullion “high quality” when they are supposed to be that way anyway, APMEX is strict about quality assurance and has no reported cases of price gouging or approving the sale of substandard metal goods.

This means that AMPEX offers quite a wide range of metals, more than most independent sellers. The fact that this is an international e-commerce seller also means that its prices are fairly competitive, and its reach is impressive since they are able to buy and sell from a range of markets spread across the world.

Using APMEX To Buy Precious Metals

As a customer, APMEX aims to be a seamless way to buy any precious metals that you want. Most customers seem to be happy about their purchases, with an average delivery time of around ten days in most cases.

The overall purchasing system is as straightforward as you would expect, although it might be worth educating yourself on certain precious metals terms before you buy anything. Like any business, APMEX is not at fault if you make an order you do not fully understand and end up disappointed.

Tracking and order information is handed out like you would expect from any online product seller, making it easy to keep track of the metals. As for the packaging itself, it is generally of great quality and ensures that everything is intact and scratched easily (not that this will always matter to certain customers).

Is APMEX Safe?

The short answer is yes. APMEX is a safe and secure option for buying and selling precious metals, and its reputation speaks for itself. While all companies make mistakes here and there, APMEX is well known enough that they can be relied on for 99.9% of their transactions.

The simple fact is that a company like APMEX would not have become so well-known if it was not reliable and trustworthy. There are other, lesser-known precious metals sellers out there, but most people are more inclined to trust APMEX or other big companies because of the sheer number of people they deal with.

As a larger company with a lot of clients, APMEX takes all of the usual security precautions with transactions and shipments. This means its website is secure, your personal information is kept private, and your transactions are processed and paid using standard, reliable payment methods.

Its customer service is also very good and has been well-reviewed by many customers. It is also one of the more generous companies, with its returns and refund policy being quite lenient. However, you obviously want to avoid ending up in situations where you need to use either of those policies anyway.

APMEX is generally seen as a trustworthy seller and buyer of precious metals. While it would be impossible for the team to get every single transaction and shipment right, they have a great track record with the vast majority of customers.

Should You Use APMEX To Buy Precious Metals?

So, is APMEX the best place to buy gold and other precious metals, or are there other, better options out there?

That depends on what you want. APMEX is certainly a solid option for many people: they do a good job, have a good reputation, have reasonable prices, and are one of the more notable companies out there.

While there are undoubtedly going to be other services that do specific things better, APMEX is one of the more popular options, and that makes it one of the most reliable. If you want to buy precious metals in general, then it is a company worth using, regardless of how much you want.

If you are still not sure, look at third-party reviews and breakdowns. For example, OurFiscal Security discusses APMEX, which is a breakdown of what the service offers, which can be a good deeper dive into what you should expect as a new customer.

Remember: just because APMEX is one of the more trusted companies does not mean it is perfect – but it still has one of the best track records in the industry. The important thing is to do your research, educate yourself on the topic, and go for a service that works best for you.