How to Become a Better Bowler?

How to Become a Better Bowler
Parents playing with children together at bowling center

Bowling is one of the best ways to have fun. However, like any other sport, it requires time and practice to master the skill.

Whether you want to impress your friends with your bowling skills or you don’t want to look confused during your bowling session, here are expert tips that will help you become a better bowler.

Choose the Right Ball

The bowling ball significantly affects your gameplay. Therefore, make sure you pick the right one. Unfortunately, with many types and sizes, choosing your ball can be tricky somehow. But, knowing what to look for in one can simplify things for you.

Make sure you get a comfortable weight. The right ball should weigh at least 10% of your body weight. Most bowlers use 16 pound balls, which is the maximum weight. But 15-pound balls are also common.

You can also get the right ball by adding one or two pounds to the house ball’s weight. Consult with the experts ( if you’re unsure.

Additionally, pick the right cover stock, that is, the material on the ball’s outer surface. This will determine how your ball reacts to lane conditions. The main materials are polyester, urethane, and reactive resin. If the store offers free drilling, you can try the feel of the ball

Work on Your Grip

Determine how you want to throw the ball to choose the right grip. You can also ask for help from your shop regarding the perfect grip for you.

Generally, your grip’s span should be comfortable to avoid straining when you hold and handle the ball. In this regard, you should consider conventional and fingertip grips.

Conventional grip makes it comfortable to slide your middle and ring fingers into the second joint while the thumb enters the third hole. This gives you a firm grasp of your ball. Because controlling is easy, a conventional grip is recommended for beginners.

Fingertip grip is mainly used by experienced bowlers who want to throw a hook. Releasing a ball with a hook is different than when releasing it straight. Fingertip grip eases a player’s finger and allows the ball to slip smoothly. Only the tip of the middle and ring fingers slide into your ball.

Select Your Spot Carefully

Use the help of the arrows and dots marked on the lane to help you. Always stick to the same spot to time yourself well.

Bear in mind that lanes are marked with different patterns that change as you throw the ball.

Perfect Your Hand and Wrist Action

The best way to win in bowling is to throw your ball straight. You can do this when your arm and wrist are straight as you throw the ball. Many people, especially beginners, usually swing their hands when making the throw. And this mostly leads to a gutter ball.

Keep your arm and wrists straight as you release the ball. Experts recommend finishing at the shoulder or higher level with your throwing hand. Finishing in this position gives you a better chance of accurate throws.

Final Thoughts

You may not be able to improve your gameplay overnight. However, these tips can help you become a better bowler. Therefore, practice, and with time, you’ll notice some improvements.