How to Prepare for Class 11 English?

Prepare for Class 11 English

Everyone believes that Class 10 and 12 are the two most important phases of life in a student’s academic life. But it is very important to note here that Class 11 is equally important and is a side of the same coin. Class 11 helps in preparing the ground for students for higher studies. Those students who work hard scored well and remained consistent have went on to score really good marks in the 10th and 12th board exams. Moreover, Class 11th and 12th lay the foundation for students to help them choose the subject they want to focus on for college and beyond. 

Now that we know how important it is to score well in Class 11, students must also familiarise themselves with how they can score well in their Class 11 examination. The most important thing for students is to focus on easily scoring subjects and English is one of them. There are innumerable students who underestimate English and leave the subject for later. By not strategizing their study for Class 11 English, Class 11 students are risking their chances to boost their overall marks. If you are also a Class 11 student and want to improve your overall performance in class, you must go through this post to learn how to prepare for Class 11 English – 

  • Familiarize yourself with Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Exam syllabus and exam pattern are two things that are the most crucial information that any student must be aware of. Class 11 English exams are going to be held term wise, so students must learn the topics that are going to come in each term. If you do not pay attention to the given exam syllabus, chances are that you miss out on topics that are required for your examination. 
  • Use the Best Study Material: It is very important to point out here that CBSE Class 11 exams are based on NCERT books. Likewise, the English examination is also based on the prescribed NCERT books – Moments and Beehive. Your priority for Class 11 English should be NCERT books for literature and other references for grammar, comprehension, and composition. Move your main focus to NCERT exercise questions. You can also use the help of other sources like guidebooks and online education platforms to help yourself in your preparation.  You can also solve previous year question papers, practice papers, and sample papers. This will not only help you in revising what you have learnt but it will also help you in understanding the way in which questions are framed. 
  • Practice reading, writing, and grammar: Reading, writing, and grammar carry 40 – 45 marks out of 100 and requires regular practice to score well. it is extremely important to score maximum marks in these sections to ensure high marks in Class 11 English. You must practice story writing, descriptive para writing, grammar, and passages on a daily basis. Grammar is all about rules and exceptions and if you do not practice it regularly, you may have a tough time-solving questions from this section. 
  • Make your notes: You should develop a habit to read one chapter of literature every day. Start with prose from Class 11  NCERT Book and take a poem the next day. Make your own notes, write in your own words, and solve exercises. Write down names of potes and authors and practice them so that you do not misspell or forget their names. Write down difficult words with their definitions and highlight all the points that you think hold immense importance. When you sit down with your notes, you will find answers in your own words and will also be able to practice your weak points and areas of importance. 
  • Read the Chapters Carefully: Poems and prose should be read more than once to understand the hidden meanings and interpretations of the writer. Just reading through a poem or a story once will not help you grasp the essence of it. You need to focus on each line and understand them deeply. You must also add your own interpretation if you have any. It is always wise to include your own reflections in answers to improve their quality. Since you are adding your own understandings to your answers, your evaluator will get a sense that you have completed the chapters thoroughly. 
  • Make a study routine: Since you will have to focus on multiple subjects for your Class 11 Examination, it will be wiser for you to make a study routine so that equivalent time is given to all subjects and you are not carried away with any one subject throughout the day at the expense of others. A study routine will not only help you in completing your syllabus on time, but it will also help you in managing your time and becoming more disciplined. 

Examine your syllabus on a priority basis before the initiation of your Class 11 exam preparations, even if you could have done it at any point during the year. Through the Class 11 syllabus as prescribed by CBSE, you will get a sense of what you will need to study for your Class 11 Examination. You should refer to the updated syllabus only because CBSE keeps revising its syllabus.   Keep in mind which subject matters have been removed from the Class 11 Examination syllabus. Studying according to the syllabus will not only fetch you great marks, but it will also save a lot of your time.  

These six simple tips will help you in preparing well for your Class 11 English Examination. You must try to include as many tips as possible in your study habits. Once you start working on the above-mentioned tips, you will become more sincere and improve your chances of scoring maximum marks in English. 

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