A 6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher In An Elementary School In Newport News

6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher
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Would you believe me if I tell you about an incident where a 6-year-old shoots teacher in the classroom? Well, even if you choose not to believe, that is the truth. The incident occurred at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Va. We know that in the US, various people are raising their voices demanding gun restrictions, across various states. In the past, there had been many such instances where the easy availability of guns has resulted in an increased rate of shooting instances in the US. However, we can find only a handful of such instances as the one about which I am talking. 

We can well understand that a boy at the elementary level is far from being a conscious human being for carrying a gun. However, if it is a toy gun, then that would have made some sense. But in this instance, it was a real loaded gun and the shooting caused life-threatening injuries to the teacher. I guess now you know the importance of gun restrictions. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the chilling incident, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know about the case in detail. 

The Incident

The Incident
Credit: NBC news

We already know that the shocking event occurred inside a classroom of Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Va. This Friday, a boy from that school shot a teacher dangerously at around 2 PM in the afternoon during an altercation. As per the information provided by the concerned authorities, the condition of the teacher was really serious when she was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 

The weapon used, as the chief of the Newport News Police Department informs, is a handgun. However, the good news is that the boy involved in the act is in police custody. There are some videos available which show the immediate chaos in the school after the shooting. The videos also show the panicked condition of the other students as the police officers enter the building of school. Even if you listen to what the parents said, that will give you an idea of the monstrous effect of the incident on the other children. Trannisha Brown, the parent of Carter Jackson, who studies in the fifth grade tells that after the incident his son called him in a terrified manner. 

6-year-old shoots teacher in Virginia classroom

As per the information available from the police department, the school authorities immediately brought all the students and teachers to the gymnasium, following the shooting.  Dr George Parker, the superintendent of Newport News Public Schools, expressed his concerns over the possession of guns by children. He said in a news conference that guns should be kept out of reach of the students. At the same time, he admitted that teachers cannot monitor the carrying of firearms in school. However, he urged all the students to take a lesson from the incident. 

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

The police department confirmed on Friday evening that the wounded teacher has improved slightly under medical supervision. At the same time, the department assured that they have contacted lawyers to determine the course of action in the case. On the other hand, Dr Parker also stated that the school will be closed on Monday. In terms of taking care of the mental health of the teachers and the students of the school. Phillip Jones, the mayor of Newport News assured that the authorities are taking steps to ward off the possibility of such an incident in future. The president of the Virginia Education Association, Dr James J. Fedderman also expressed his frustration with this incident. Now let us see what steps the authorities take to restrict the usage of guns by school kids. 

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