Who is Whitley Goodman? How is she Famous?

Whitley Goodman

To begin with, Whitley Goodman is the ex-girlfriend of Christian Andreacchio. Further, Christian died under mysterious circumstances in Mississippi. The death of Christina and its causes is the reason for Whitley Goodman’s popularity.

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Who is Christian Andreacchio?

In the first place, Christina Andreacchio was born in the year 1992. Further, his full date of birth is November 4, 1992. As per his date of birth, Christian was only twenty-one years old at the time of his death. Furthermore, his birth took place in the United States Of America. He was born in Mississippi in America. Lastly, he belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Who is Whitley Goodman?

In the first place, Whitley Goodman is the ex-girlfriend of Christian. She was only seventeen years old at the time of his death. Further, Christian and Whitley live together in an apartment in Mississippi. The couple had met each other during a part in town. However, they moved out and started living together. Lastly, Christian was working as a tug captain at the time of his death.

What happened on the day of Christian death?

The death of Christian Andreacchio took place in Feb 2014. Further, he was found dead in his apartment on the 26th of Feb 2014. The police after an investigation ruled out his death as suicide.

However, his parents did not accept the report submitted by the police department. They hired a private investigator to find the truth behind his death.

What happened before the death of Christian?

As per reports, Christian went on with his day as usual. He went to work as a tug boat captain. Later in the evening, his friend had come to pick him up from work. Both Christian and his friend went to his apartment.

Further, he wanted to confront Whitney. Christian suspected that Whitney Goodman was cheating on him. After this, the events are a little burr. The next day Christian was found dead in his apartment.

What new development proved Christian death as suspicious?

As per 48 hours, new evidence has come to light in the death of Christian’s death. A new piece of the document was discovered within 48 hours. It shows the police investigated Christian death as a homicide.

Further, the grand jury in the year 2017 didn’t convict Whitley Goodman for Christian death. But the recent developments in the case have given new hope to the family. They are hopeful to find the reasons for their sons’ death and bring closure to his death.

However, Whitley refused to talk to the press about the incident. Tough she read a poem that represents her as a victim in the incident.

Bottom Line

Whitley and Christian had some troubles in their relationship. Though his death was ruled as suicide recent development has brought new hope.