5 Myths About Green Homes You’d Better Stop Believing

Green Homes

Green homes are becoming more prevalent with passing time as people are getting educated about the economic and health benefits of having eco-friendly homes. For example, Solar Power System by Titanium Solar can save electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint in the long run.

However, there are still so many myths that are quite popular about green homes, and this turns off people from building an environmentally-friendly homes. This article will debunk 5 myths about green homes, so you can stop believing them and take a step toward a sustainable future. Keep reading to learn!

Myth #1: Green Homes Can Be Quite Expensive

Yes, green homes can be expensive initially, however, the payback period is usually not more than two years. In other words, whatever amount of money you’re investing in right now, it will be easily recovered in a matter of two years.

For example, the setup cost of solar panels can come with a hefty price tag, but you will save plenty of money every month on electricity bills. The natural and non-toxic raw materials used to build green eco-friendly houses will prevent you from spending a lot of money on repairs.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about inhaling pollutants due to the toxic chemicals used in your home and getting sick. The resale value of your house will also skyrocket as demand increases.

Myth #2: Building Green Homes Can Be Stressful

Some people take every single detail into account and as a beginner, it can surely feel like a strenuous task. For instance, what kind of floors/insulation to install or how many windows are enough?

Only focusing on the factors that actually matter is essential. Otherwise, you can get stressed obsessing over the tiniest detail. Building a green home is not as fussy as people believe.

Myth #3: Only New Houses Can Be Green

Another common myth is that only new houses can be green. To put it another way, it is assumed that houses built from scratch can only be eco-friendly, and you better stop believing this.

That’s why most people don’t just work on building a green home. In reality, you can always start making small changes to your home and renovating it such as by plumbing, wiring, insulating, and installing smart solutions in your home.

Myth #4: Eco-Friendly Homes Aren’t Visually Appealing

Another misconception related to green homes is that they have to look a certain “unpleasant” way. There’s no rule for green homes to be built a specific way.

Just as you would design a “normal” house, you’d have to do the same for building an eco-friendly home. You can choose any aesthetic or style of the house you want, from small modern to luxury houses.  

Myth #5: It’s Hard to Find “Green” Materials

The lack of misinformation about green homes has led to another misconception that you can’t really find green materials easily. However, as the awareness and demand for eco-friendly buildings are elevating, green materials can be easily accessed on the market.

Green raw materials are also the same price as the other traditional raw materials and some of them may be even cheaper as they are mainly produced using recycled products.