A Peek Into The Life Of Nicole Johnson: Michael Phelps Wife Ethnicity, Marriage & More

Nicole Johnson is the smoking hot wife of Michael Phelps. The power couple is expecting their fourth child soon and this makes for exciting news.

Michael Phelps wife ethnicity

Nicole Johnson is the smoking hot wife of Michael Phelps (Miss America). The power couple is expecting their fourth child (Baby No. 4:) soon and this makes for exciting news.

Whenever we hear the name Michael Phelps, we become curious to know more about him. For instance, what’s Michael Phelps wife ethnicity and how did they meet in the first place? So, there are a lot of questions that we can ask about Michael Phelps and his wife, with whom he shares a troubled courtship.

Now, those of you, who don’t know about his wife, let’s mention that her name is Nicole Johnson. In fact, you’d like to know that she was Miss California USA in the year 2010. Furthermore, she has also competed in the Miss USA Pageant where she finished in the top 10. However, it’s true that we know her the best for being the wife of Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps Wife Ethnicity

Like most celebrity spouses, Nicole Johnson likes to lead a life of quietness. Despite that, there are a few facts about her that are noteworthy. If you, like many others, want to know about her life and those facts, then you are at the right place. Go through this article and get all the facts that you need about Nicole Jonson. Here we will share facts, such as Michael Phelps wife ethnicity, marital life, birthplace, and more.

She Is From Colorado But Her Parents Raised Her In California

As per the sources, Nicole Jonson’s birthdate is 12th July 1985. She was born in Colorado Springs, Pennsylvania. However, later on, she moved to California and grew up in the Westlake Village.

Now, there are lots of people who want to know about Michael Phelps wife ethnicity. In fact, her ethnicity is a matter of debate for many because of a lot of reasons. There are a few people who suggest that she is Persian. Others also say that she’s Hispanic and African-American. However, if you look at her, you can tell that the former beauty queen has a diverse ethnic hertiage.

She went to Westlake High school in her early years. After graduation in 2003, she went to the University of Southern California to attain a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Nicole Had A Rough Childhood

So, now that we know about Michael Phelps wife ethnicity, let’s talk about her early years a bit more. It’s worth noting that the former beauty queen didn’t have it easy in her early years. She belonged to a middle-class family and her parents are Richard and Anette. If you want to know about their parents then it’s quite unfortunate because Nicole hasn’t shared much about them.

Michael Phelps Wife Ethnicity

However, there are a few controversies surrounding her father Richard. For instance, some say that he’s a Persian man while others claim that he’s black. In fact, records also show that her mother Annette is a Mexican woman. This is the reason why it’s difficult to say Michael Phelps wife ethnicity in clear terms.

Becoming A Marketing Manager At An Early Age

From childhood, Nicole Johnson wanted to become a model. This is the reason why she went to the University of Southern California and they sent her on the beauty pageantry train. At the age of only 17, she read an ad in Thousand Oaks Acorn calling for participants for Miss California.

In the first attempt itself, she finished as a runner-up, and then three years after she won the Miss California USA 2010 beauty pageant contest. Thereafter, she took a marketing manager job at her husband’s foundation.

Relationship With Michael Phelps

So, now that we have an idea about Michael Phelps wife ethnicity, let’s talk about their relationship. According to the sources, the duo shares a unique love story. It all began in the year 2017 at the ESP Awards. After remaining friends for around two years, in 2009. Their courtship began.

However, the journey wasn’t free from the thorns because the duo faced a tough period in 2011. Due to some differences in opinion, they broke up. However, not every breakup is the end of a love story. The duo reunited and even tied knots. Currently, they are parents to three children as well.

Michael Phelps, wife Nicole Johnson expecting baby No. 4

The famous Olympian, Michael Phelps, and his wife, Nicole Phelps, have some exciting news. They’re going to be parents again! They’ve been married since 2016 and already have three healthy kids: Boomer, Beckett, and Maverick. Now, they didn’t say if it’s a boy or girl yet, but they used blue hearts in their post, so some people think it might be a boy. So far Nicole or Michael have not said much by way of the pregnancy. However several sources are available with news about the event. Let us discuss more about this.

How Did They Meet?

Michael Phelps, the amazing Olympic champ with 23 gold medals, met his future wife, Nicole Johnson, in 2007 at a special awards show called the ESPY Awards. They hit it off right from the start. Back then, Nicole was into beauty pageants and modelling. She even became Miss California USA in 2010 and did well in the Miss USA competition. They dated on and off for a while, got engaged in 2015, and had three different wedding ceremonies in 2016.

A Smoking Hot Diva

Nicole Johnson began doing beauty pageants when she was 17. She saw an ad in the newspaper for the Miss California Teenager pageant, which offered a scholarship prize. Then she wanted to win it to help her go from Moorpark College to the University of Southern California. She joined the competition and became the first runner-up among 304 contestants. Johnson kept doing pageants and, when she was 24, she became Miss California USA in 2010. She was even a top contender for Miss USA 2010 and ended up in ninth place. As they say, even the pairings of stars are legendary. The couple exudes an aura of power and influence when they are seen together.

A Happy Family

The parents are really happy with their boys. Johnson loves being the only girl in the house, and they call her the “queen of the household.” Phelps said that Boomer, their son, once told her, “Mommy, you’re the girl in our house.” So they’ve been saying that, and it’s true, she’s the queen. The fourth child is already on the way and it is going to be gala time when they do. One can only imagine the excitement that is palpable in their house as of now. We wish Phelps and Johnson all the best for the future.

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