How To Understand If Your BFF Is Trying To Ruin Your Relationship?

BFF Is Trying To Ruin Your Relationship

Friends constitute the best portion of our lives. Right from the day we learn to walk, we start making friends. Then, as we grow up, our friend circle keeps growing. From sharing tiffins to sharing the most profound secrets, friends become indispensable to our lives. As a matter of fact, some friends become very close to our hearts and therefore, become our best friends. These people guide our lives in many ways. In fact, they influence our lives to a great extent. They become almost like our second family. Do you think your BFF Is Trying To Ruin Your Relationship?

However, not all friends influence us positively when it comes to relationships. In fact, when jealousy takes hold of them, they turn into something more than mere enemies. Jealousy is everywhere, almost omnipresent. Therefore, we also see instances when BFFs ruin our relationships or try to do so. If you wish to know more about the signs that would suggest that your BFF is trying to ruin your relationship.

The Warning Signs 

These are some warning signs that will let you know that your BFF is trying to ruin your relationship:

  • Give Breakup Advice 

In every relationship, there are ups and downs. Therefore, when you go through a rough patch, the best person to talk to about it is your partner. In fact, this is the best way to make things turn the right way. However, if you share such a rough patch with your BFF, things might get messy at times. There are instances when BFFs suggest you end the relationship. Such a piece of advice should be seen as a warming sign.

The Warning Signs 

  • Not Letting You Spend Time With Your Partner

We generally share our plans with our BFFs and at times, they come up with really healthy suggestions. However, if you see that your BFF reaches out to spoil your date with your partner, then that is far from being a healthy sign. In fact, at times, when you share your dating plan with your BFF, you might find them interested to accompany you. Therefore, be cautious to avoid such BFFs if you prioritise your partner and your relationship.

  • Making Fun Of Your Relationship

Being funny is a great thing. However, making fun of your relationship is a highly demotivating thing. Therefore, if you find your BFFs doing a similar thing, do not take their words seriously. Take your space with your partner, as you know him/her the best.

Not Letting You Spend Time With Your Partner

  • Reminding Of Your EX

A BFF is one who fills your life with joy and positivity. They will inspire you to move ahead in your lives. However, in some cases, you might find him/her reminding you about your ex. This will make you feel heavy and will also impact your present relationship in a bad manner. Therefore, in such cases, be ready to cancel such BFFs out of your life. 

  • Insulting You In The Public

At times, we have seen that some BFFs might insult you in front of your partner. This is a sign enough that you need to dump such BFFs. True BFFs will never make you feel low in public.

Insulting You In The Public

  • Spreading Negativity

This is a very bad sign. If you find that your BFF is telling negative things about your partner, the first thing you need to do is to cross-check them. The best person for such cross-checking is your partner. Therefore, be sure to do that and do not follow your Bff’s suggestions blindly.


1. What to do if your BFF tries to ruin your relationship?

The simple yet straight solution here is to kick such friends out of your life.

2. What are the signs that would show you that your BFF is trying to mess up your relationship?

Go through this article to know of many such symptoms.

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