A Guide in Choosing the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Commercial Window Cleaning
Melbourne, Australia - April 14, 2014: Window cleaners work on a high rise building in Melbourne, Australia. Window cleaning is considered one of the most dangerous job in the world. Several window cleaners die each year and many are injured

There are a lot of maintenance chores commercial buildings face and deal with; one of them is ensuring that glass windows are maintained clean, tidy, and attractive. This may seem like a minor concern but windows can still contribute to an establishment’s exterior look. If they are grimy or dirty, it can affect the store’s image negatively and eventually draw customers away. 

Fortunately, commercial window cleaning companies are there to provide convenient and reliable solutions. All you need, as a business owner, is to be able to spot the one that is worthy of your trust. 

“Why is not advisable to have a DIY window cleaning?”

Window cleaning can be perilous especially when it involves heights. By deciding to hire instead of doing the job on your own, you are allowing highly trained professionals to take over and at the same time, you are keeping yourself away from the risks the task comes with, especially to your health and safety.  

Here are what commercial window cleaning professionals possess that makes hiring them worth it:

  • They are pre-screened. 

A reliable commercial window cleaning company cherishes the trust its customers give. With the nature of work that is involved, i.e. free access to establishments, employee background checks are usually carried out. 

  • They are highly trained and seasoned. 

Dealing with heights is no joke, let alone having to clean high rise windows. A commercial window cleaning company would never be able to make a name in the industry if it was manned with incompetent, unskilled people. The right company would always conduct training for its professionals and it knows how vital these trainings are to keep their services’ quality. 

Nonetheless, you can also try to see through certifications that a company might brag about and see if the team is truly trained. This can be by checking the company’s portfolio and feedback from previous clients. As professionalism and competence are critical, the right professionals will surely not need constant supervision. 

  • They provide unparalleled customer service.

Customer service is critical in ensuring a satisfactory window cleaning service. It determines whether the company is truly reliable for the job or not. The good thing about outsourcing the job is the convenience it offers, i.e. you get the services you need and they will be carried out with reliability. All it will take is a call to their hotline and have your need booked. The right company will never put you on hold for long and waste your time easily. 

  • They comply with safety standards. 

A reliable commercial window cleaning company upholds and complies with proper safety standards to ensure its employees’ safety. This means the team will be properly equipped and dressed with protective clothing to lessen possible injuries, trips, and slips as they carry out every single task.  

  • They utilize only the right cleaning products. 

Commercial window cleaning companies know which products can weaken glass windows or cause streaks that will damage them eventually. The right ones make sure that the cleaning solutions used in the job are gentle, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly. That said, if a company is fond of using harsh chemicals in doing it, think again. Not only will it damage your windows, it will also pollute the air in your establishment and might possibly do your employees any harm. 

Choosing a Commercial Window Cleaning Company

There may be a number of commercial window cleaning service providers near your area possibly offering the same types of services at a similar price range. The choosing can get overwhelming because of this. To be able to spot the right cleaning company, here are a few notes you should bear in mind.

The right service provider is the one that doesn’t disrupt business operations. 

Window cleaning is vital. Nonetheless, a good commercial window cleaning company knows business operations must not be hampered by this to avoid loss of sales. The task does not need to be intrusive and the real professionals are very well aware of that. 

Aim for a cleaning company that can truly provide spotless results. 

It’s not just your store’s look that is at stake here. It’s your sales. To avoid experiencing unnecessary sales loss, it’s best to partner with a cleaning company that can truly provide optimal, spotless results. For this to be possible, the company must be well-aware of the importance of using the right tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions, from sponges, brushes, wash pads, hydro carts and tubes to telescopic poles, and high rise tools. It understands fully the importance of being well-equipped in providing and maintaining top quality cleaning services. 

To get a glimpse of a provider’s quality of work, you can head on to their website and check their portfolio. Unbiased feedback and reviews are also accessible on the web in this age. Such information is there generally to help consumers make a guided decision. 

Insurance is imperative. 

No matter the precautions taken and the experience and skills of the cleaners, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. There is no safer decision than hiring a cleaning company that is bonded just in case misfortunes happen. Otherwise, you might end up obligated for the related expenses.

Testimonials or references from other clients matter. 

Fortunately, reviews are now readily available on many websites, search engines, and even on social media. This vital information will assist you towards making a guided decision about whether or not you should hire a particular windows cleaning company. 

It is your right to get an estimate first. 

You may already be eyeing on a particular company to entrust your cleaning needs with but to make sure that you get the best value of your investment, it is best if you compare quotes first between your top choices. The right company will not bother offering free estimates and will not pressure you to sign the deal hastily. Getting their quotes will also give you a chance to spend time with them and get a feel about their values, personality, and processes, whether in person or remotely. 

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