How To Measure Slipcovers For Recliners

How To Measure Slipcovers For Recliners

Many modern Americans are seriously considering the purchase of chair covers for their home furniture. Thus, the likelihood of its contamination is reduced at times. People have a fair question, “How to make reclining sofa covers?” It should be borne in mind that the design of furniture can be seriously different, and therefore it is important to sew the cover directly on the chair. First, you need to inspect the chair for which the planned to sew fabric and choose a place where there will be seams. To make the finished cover is smooth on the chair, it is desirable to put them on the seams of the upholstery. Thus, the fabric will perfectly repeat the silhouette of the furniture. There is also the option that the homeowner wants to implement a unique cover in a unique one, then it is advisable to apply the markings directly on the surface of the furniture, using soap for this purpose.

Do not forget that it is also important to measure all parts of the furniture, namely the back, seats, armrests, etc. In order not to forget the results, it is important to record all measurements. If a puffy and voluminous cover is planned, the perimeter of the chair should be multiplied by two. It is necessary to select the appropriate dimensions, taking into account that the final fabric for the cover fits snugly. It is desirable to take into account an extra twenty centimeters. They will be needed for overlaps. Many Americans prefer to buy furniture with non-standard shaped parts. To accurately measure them, it is necessary to put on top a thin and strong piece of paper. Pressing it tightly, you need to trace this part with a pencil.

When the measurements are finished, it is important for the person to calculate the approximate consumption of the fabric. At this stage it is important not to make a mistake.

What tools are needed to sew the cover on the chair

When the owner of the chair will be sure that he has completed all the necessary steps for sewing the cover, he will need to prepare the tools. There are quite a few of them, which is worth considering in the preparation process. As a rule, the list consists of the following tools:

  1. The actual fabric for the cover, which was previously measured and prepared for sewing.
  2. Unnecessary fabric that can be used as part of the sewing practice. Not every homeowner is able to sew the perfect cover right away.
  3. A ruler. 
  4. Scissors. Needed in order to remove unnecessary elements on the prepared fabric.
  5. Centimeter.
  6. An instrument that will be used to apply the markings. Most often used soap, pencil, crayon, etc. Do not use felt-tip pen, which will leave traces on the cover and the chair itself.
  7. Needles and thread. They will help to sew the prepared fabric with the chair.
  8. Sewing machine. Of course, not every American has this tool at home. Therefore, it is worth taking into account in advance all the nuances that will arise in the process of work.

The exact set of tools needed to sew the cover on the chair, depends on the abilities and goals of the person. The final cost of the cover depends on many factors. For example, the price of the fabric a person chooses. Also, a lack of one or more tools can affect the cost. If you really plan to get a quality cover that can be used for a long time, it is better not to skimp on the elements.