How to Keep a House Clean: 5 Effective Tips

How to Keep a House Clean 5 Effective Tips

Did you know that the average woman spends 29 minutes per day cleaning their home and men spend an average of 10 minutes per day? We understand that these minutes add up to hours quickly throughout the week so, we put together this short guide to share how to keep a house clean with a few good habits.

Keep reading to learn our top house cleaning tips so that you can get started right away.

1. Make Your Bed

Every day when you wake up, make your bed even if you feel like it is a waste of time. Making your bed will make a huge difference in how neat your room looks and feels. It will also start your day off on a better foot and will motivate you to keep picking up after yourself. 

2. One Load Per Day

If you tend to leave all of your laundries for one day of the week, try doing one load per day. This might make it seem easier when you are putting your clothes away. Depending on your schedule you can put a load to go first thing in the morning or set your machine to start an hour before you arrive home from work so that it is done by the time you are home. 

3. 15 Minute Night Clean Up

Make it a routine to do a family clean-up every night for 15 minutes. Get everyone involved because this will help your family be more mindful of keeping the areas they clean neater. If you have kids they can clean up their rooms and do other small chores while you pick up the kitchen or put the laundry away. 

4. Declutter

Taking the time to declutter and organize everything will cut out a lot of cleaning time. This might take you some time to do (depending on how much stuff you have) but once you have everything in its assigned area and you do not have extra things you don’t need, cleaning will become easier. Having fewer items on your counters will equate to less dusting and organizing. 

5. Clean as You Go

Although this might sound more obvious, most people leave things for later. It is a lot less time-consuming to put things away as you go. For example, put your shoes away right away instead of leaving them thrown around until you have a ton of shoes piled up. Load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher right away instead of piling them up in the sink. 

If you feel that you need a fresh start then we highly recommend calling a reputable cleaning company such as Golden Maid Services. They can clean everything for you and then it will make it easier for you to keep up with cleaning as you go. 

Now You Know How to Keep a House Clean

We hope that with our tips above you are feeling confident about how to keep a house clean and you can enjoy waking up in a neat home every day.

Did our article come in handy? Please keep browsing the rest of our home section for our latest tips and tricks. 

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