Come, Let’s Explore Today’s Globle Game Answer of June 12, 2022

Globle Game

Many of us are very passionate about the Globle Game. If we have to cite one thing we all are interested in, it would be our keen eagerness to get the Globle Game Answer for the day. You don’t ever say no to travel, do you? Travel is something that involves us despite our age and circumstances. We feel compelled to participate. 

However, the lockdown has been a major blockade. Thus, a geographical offshoot of the influential Wordle – Globle Game has become our latest escape. But decoding it is not a very easy task; we are travelling along with you to your Today’s Globle Answer Trip of 12 June 2022. 

What is Globle? 


Globle is one of the most brilliant guessing games that are out there. When Wordle created its sensation among the audience, many twined and extended versions started ushering every day. However, only the best ones that impart a sense of ultimate thrill are worth your time and attention. Globle stirs you up into an amazing mind exercise. Many of us are already obsessed with this particular game that sets our brains in motion and gives us pleasure while we gurgle with guesses. 

Path of EX

Path of EX

Another geographical segment of Wordle, Globle, amplifies the difficulty to a much greater level. Thus, it becomes strenuous every day to guess the correct answer. But to make your life facile, Path of EX will generate for you Today’s Globle Answer of 12th June beforehand with all the hints and solutions. 

A wonderland for all the geography enthusiasts 


If you have a zeal for geography, then you have probably heard about Globle. Globle game is a geographical take on the original Wordle word game. It provides you with innumerable guesses to arrive at the final Global game answer of the day. The twist is that it does not help you with pre-assigned clues or hints to limit your search. You have the most exciting freedom of choice. You can explore and traverse the entire Globe to reach Today’s Globle game answer of 12 June 2022. 

Which is the finer game?

finer game

Globle and Wordle are both geographical offshoots of the Wordle puzzle game. Both sensationally churn the brain. But these 3 beautiful games differ from one another in many conditions – 

  • Globle provides you with limitless guessing Slots, while Wordle gives you 6 guessing Slots. 
  • Globle gives you no hints or clues. On the contrary, Wordle gives you an outline of the Daily Wordle Answer. 
  • Thus, Globle Game is more mysterious and difficult than Wordle. Globle is much more mysterious and challenging as a game. It sets your curiosity alight. It offers you the purest pleasure of an exquisite brainstorming exercise. 


Come on, set your brain in motion and mine out what could be today’s answer by studying the few hints below :

  1. Path of EX gives the first clue that the country’s name starts with U. Ponder, which could be answered by considering the list of countries below. Take a look at the Mysterious Global Globe. Unleash your powers and kill the Globle today. 
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Uzbekistan
  1. The Globle Game answer of 12 June 2022 is one of the few places where you can still see the endangered Mountain Gorilla. Thus, from these given clues, we can solve the puzzle and infer the answer. The Globle Answer of June 12, 2022, is Uganda. 

Interesting fact

Uganda is a country with a young population. In this place, 48% of the people are below 15 years of age. Thus, Uganda scores as the second youngest country in the world.

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