A detailed Guide on MT4 White Label

MT4 White Label

MT4, the abbreviation of Meta Trader 4 is a forex trading platform that allows traders to seamlessly organize numerous client accounts from a single trading platform. Even after the publishment of its successor, MT5, MT4 still remains in the market being the maximum used trading platform around the world. Not only this, but it is also expanding its customer base with time, which signifies its importance in the forex trading market. For nearly 90% of forex trading brokers, MT4 is the main trading platform. The simplicity of the user interface and the butter-smooth white labeling process makes it popular among traders.

While MT4 white label provides an array of advantages, below we have enlisted the important ones. To know the main advantages of it, keep reading.

Advantages of MT4 white label:

  1. i) In the MT4 trading platform, one can get all necessary business arrangements accumulated in one position. So, when you opt for an MT4 trading platform, you can be sure that you do not need to check on other platforms for any assistance.
  2. ii) MT4 provides a widespread range of inbuilt forex indicators and other required instruments. These can be enhanced by added robots, scripts and indicators. With the help of an MT4 white label, a forex broker can modify the tools to serve his client’s specific demands and requirements.

iii) MT4 provides multi-account terminals from a single user interface. For this reason, a broker can operate several client accounts from a solo platform. The trading experience it provides is flawless and the tools and elements are also modifiable.

  1. iv) A broker can effortlessly modify his MT4 white label platform as per his specific requirements. Apart from this, through MT4 white label, a broker can take entry into the forex trading market with his own branding, color, and user interface. And for all of this, he has to pay a very nominal cost.
  2. v) It can be operated from any corner of the world, and you can even access it from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. So, while you are on the go or taking a holiday break, you do not have to be worried about accessing your MT4 white label account.
  3. vi) MT4 users can generate both demo and real accounts in MT4. While through the demo account, you can manage virtual funds, a real account will help you manage real funds. Those who are new in trading or have less trading knowledge can make furnish their expertise by first operating the virtual funds in the demo account.

vii) You can get more than 30 drawing objects to analyze and understand the tendencies and patterns of your selected chart. It also offers an inbuilt tick chart option to correctly point out the entry and exit points.

While providing these all facilities at one place, MT4 white label also offers the best industry rated security features to keep your information safe and sound. Information exchange between server platform and client terminal is also encrypted, to avoid any unwanted data theft.

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