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Dorinda Medley
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Dorinda Medley is well-known as a TV-personality, entrepreneur, and social worker. She was born on December 13, 1964, to parents John and Diane Medley in Massachusetts.

Her two siblings John Medley Jr. and Melinda Handlowich was born and raised in the Berkshires including her.

Later she became famous as an American entrepreneur and work in the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New York.”

She had dabbled in a number of fashion and design startups. Her Cashmere Company has and has had many famous celebrity clients, including Princess Diana and Joan Collins.

More about Dorinda Medley

More about Dorinda Medley
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She was raised in a polite socialite manner, and it still shows in her attitude. In addition to that, she comes from a wealthy family and affluent community. Dorinda Medley age is 57 years old as of 2022.

Besides that Dorinda is of Italian and Caucasian ancestry and is well-known for many excellent deeds and continues to indulge in them. Later in her life, she owned a company known as DLC Cashmere.

Dorinda met Ralph Lynch while working as an employee at the Liz Сlаіbоrnе. After being married, the couple relocated to London to start their DLC Саѕhmеrе Company.

They were fortunate to have a lovely daughter named Hannah Lynn. Unfortunately, after ten years of marriage, they made the decision to file for divorce.

Medley utilizes a number of social networking sites frequently and her Instagram account has more than one million followers. In addition to that, she has about 239 thousand followers on Facebook.

So far, there have been no rumours concerning Dorinda. Medley has done an excellent job of keeping her personal and business lives separate.

Dorinda Medley Net Worth

Dorinda Medley Net Worth
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Dorinda Medley has an estimated net worth of $25 million. Additionally, Medley had made a significant sum of money prior to being selected for “The Real Housewives of New York” in 2015.

She made a ton of money from this reality TV show. Along with this, Dorinda obtained substantial endorsement deals from numerous products and businesses, totalling over $25 million.

She began as an entrepreneur at first and later achieved great success in the fashion industry.

After the passing of her first husband, she went through some really difficult times, but she was still able to advance in her job. Dorinda eventually bounced back after mourning the loss of her spouse.

She is a cofounder of numerous sizable fashion-related enterprises. Dorinda also owns two businesses, one in London and the other in New York and has built a very successful business with her hard work as well as talent.

As of right now, she is a successful businesswoman who lives contentedly with her daughter as a single mother.

Richard H. Medley

Richard H. Medley
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Dorinda Medley’s first marriage was to Ralph Lynch with whom she had daughter Hannah. Her daughter appeared on the show as well.

She married her second husband, Richard Medley, after her divorce from Ralph. Richard was a successful New York City hedge fund manager.

The couple married in New York City in 2007 at the Brick Church and had a 1950s-themed wedding.

He was George Soros’ former business partner as well as worked as a speechwriter for Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for Vice President.

Dorinda got to know former president Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary thanks to Richard’s connections in Washington, D.C.

Despite the fact that Dorinda and Richard never had children together, they had a close and happy family life. Dorinda and Richard raised Paige and Aidan together.

Richard became a stepfather to Hannah through their marriage. Hannah is Dorinda’s daughter from her first marriage to Ralph Lynch.

Before he died, Richard and Hannah had a close relationship. Hannah even dropped out of school and returned home to be with her mother after Richard died.

Richard H. Medley Death

Richard H. Medley Death
Credit: Bravo TV

Tragically, only four years after the couple’s marriage, Richard passed suddenly on October 16, 2011, due to liver failure.

Dorinda has never truly discussed the specifics of her condition. She described caring for Richard as an “honor” as he neared the end of his life.

Richard continues to have a particular place in Dorinda’s heart. She shared a heartfelt tribute to him on her Instagram page on the occasion of his passing ten years ago.

She paraphrased Richard as stating, “Dorinda, you are my true north,” in the post, which included a picture of him giving a speech at their wedding in 2007.

The post also included a video of a tree she had adorned with flowers and wind chimes at Blue Stone Manor, her home in the Berkshires, as a memorial to her late husband.

Dorinda described how she always sensed a protecting force coming from the house in an interview with People.

 “Have I felt, like, the presence of [my late husband] Richard or the presence of maybe, you know, someone that I think loves me, a guard?” she though “Yes.”

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