Beauty Trends Experts Predict Will Dominate 21/22

Beauty Trends

Our world has changed quickly in the last few years, and beauty trends are changing to keep up. The new normal has brought us new issues: how will your skin cope with plenty of mask wearing, and how will you look your best on the endless Zoom calls? Meanwhile, as climate change becomes an ever-present issue, products will need to be as ethical as possible. In a pandemic era – and its aftermath – solutions that make us feel better may well trump the ones that only make us look better. 


Pinterest’s 2021 Trends Prediction Report suspects that Skinimalism will be one key new beauty trend. But what is it? Skinimalism is where you only use essential makeup – instead, you attempt to find your natural tone and texture by slowly letting it adjust to a non-makeup regime. Naturally glowing skin is the next thing everyone wants.

Cosmetic procedures for “Zoom face”

If, like most people, you find yourself staring at your face constantly on Zoom, you begin to become hyper critical of yourself and notice any little sign of aging on your face. This has resulted in many people seeking out cosmetic surgery to address facial concerns like crow’s feet, eye bags, and forehead wrinkles.

Maskne products

Even post lockdown, wearing a mask is essential in crowded areas to ensure that you avoid getting or passing on COVID. Constantly wearing a mask is tough for your skin though and can cause irritation. But plenty of products are emerging to ease this issue. Some masks will be designed to avoid skin problems, while sprays that soothe irritation will become popular too.

Blue light protection

Blue light has been found to damage skin. And with the pandemic forcing us to spend more time in front of computers and our phones, the problem is only getting worse. But companies are wise to the issue and a number of brands and products are emerging to tackle this.

Plant-based skincare

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious than ever before. Brands are now priding themselves on matching up to the ethical expectations of their customers. The result is an influx of plant-based products to meet this demand, and they’re predicted to be hugely important in the next year.

It’s been a whirlwind last 18 months, and beauty trends are keeping pace with this wild rate of change.