Sam Williams Gay and Other News About The Son of Country Music Icon Hank Williams Jr.

Sam Williams

The three words that might seem tacky but are making the headlines are Sam Williams Gay.  This revelation has indeed shocked a few people. One must keep in mind that this iis not the first time a celebrity has decided to come out in a public manner. People who do not know who Sam Williams is might recognize him as the son of Hank Williams Jr. who is a very famous country singer in America. We do understand the news is a new one for them. At the same time Sam released a stellar new album to coincide with his coming out of the closet. 

Tilted Crown

Country singer Sam Williams released a music video for his song “Tilted Crown.” In the video he talks about the pressure of being Hank Williams Jr.’s son and his struggle with his identity. He even shares a kiss with his real-life boyfriend. Sam discussed his choice to be open about his personal life in an interview with Hunter Kelly on Proud Radio. He felt it was time to be true to himself and not hide who he is. Before he felt like he was promoting invisibility but now he’s embracing his true self. That is incredibly brave of him. 

Tilted Crown

A Man Who Shares

The country singer Sam Williams mentioned that he had already shared his label and personal life with others but he hadn’t talked about it publicly until now. He admitted it was a bit scary but also felt good. Sam is among a growing number of LGBTQ country singers who have recently talked about their sexuality. In the country music world being open about being gay is still not very common even today. This is one of the best things that happened to the industry in this age. 

Hope for Other Artists

Sam Williams who grew up in Paris had a tough time concealing his true self and fitting in as a child. One kind word goes a very long way in helping people going through the same. Shrinks all around the world say it is important to be very frank. Sam is 25 years old and we know for sure that there are a lot of people in the world who are undergoing their own metamorphosis at the moment. Many are going to get the message Sam intends for them and feel some relief. 

Hope for Other Artists

Relationship With Dad

Sam has said earlier as well that his relationship with his dad has been stellar throughout his life. Hank Williams Jr. never forced his son to talk to boys or do manly things whenever he exhibited behaviour uncharacteristic to young men. He was one of those rare fathers who see that there is something different in their son right from childhood and do not force them to change their behaviour whenever they grow up. Sam did not have to suffer much when he decided it was the ripe time to come out. He got full support from his dad. 

In Sam Williams’ “Tilted Crown” video, there’s an older man encouraging a young boy to be more “manly.” Some fans think this reflects his relationship with his famous father but Sam clarifies it’s not entirely accurate. As it has been mentioned above the senior Williams did not have much problems with his son coming out as gay. It was really heartening to see their relationship go through so much and then come out at the top of the world. It is a relationship every son should aspire to. A really heartening and fresh take on relationships between fathers and sons.

Another Gay Superstar

Another name in the celebrity list who came out recently is Ty Herdon. The more cooperative and open one is about their sexuality the better it is. Ty is having a great life with his sexuality out in the pasture so far and he wants others to do the same. This is a really magnificent thing for the rest of the young people. If one is struggling to accept himself then one just needs to look at Ty. One might say the age of liberalism has worked very well indeed. 

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