Preparing Your Car for Spring Time

Car for Spring Time

Has your car been sitting in storage all winter, waiting for better road trip weather? If so, you may want to do a little prep work on your car before starting to use it again in the springtime. Cars that have been sitting in storage for a while might need, for instance, new tires, a new brake pad, an oil change and more. As you pull your car out for the first time in months, you might find yourself asking questions such as, how much should it cost to replace brake pads and rotors? In order to stay safe on the roads as the weather starts to warm up, work through these important safety checklists to ensure your car is in great shape.

Safety Check When Bringing Car out Of Winter Storage

Conducting a safety check on your car when first bringing it out of winter storage is perhaps the most important step in making sure it’s safe to drive. You can do a check yourself or use AutoZone coupons to get professional assistance. Make sure you:

·     Check the air pressure in your tires to ensure it’s filled to recommended levels
·     Get an oil change, consider replacing the filter and ask your shop to check for viscosity
·     Look for worn tread on your tires and consider replacing the tires if the tread isn’t in good shape
·     Replace essential fluids like windshield wiper fluid, and check your wiper blades
·     Do a check on your battery and the electrical system to ensure you don’t wind up with a dead battery

How To Replace a Worn Battery

While doing the safety check on your car, you might notice some issues with your battery. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cars that are stored at very cold temperatures, or that have not been driven in a long time, to require a new battery. If your current battery is worn, you might consider replacing it using the following steps.

1.    Carefully remove the old battery first
2.    Clean off your clamps and place the new battery in
3.    Secure it, reconnect the positive and negative terminals and turn on the engine to check that it’s working

Once you’ve ensured that all functional issues are taken care of, you may want to do a deep clean on your car and fix up any annoying cosmetic issues. Consider it a type of car spring cleaning! Some quick yet meaningful car fix-up ideas include:

·     Dusting off the inside of the car and cleaning dirty seat materials
·     Running the car through a car wash
·     Getting any chipped paint or other minor cosmetic issues fixed

Taking your car out of winter storage and using it for the first time in the spring may be exciting, but it’s important to make sure you work through these checklists to ensure your car is in good shape. In order to stay safe while driving, conduct a thorough safety check, consider replacing old batteries and give your car a deep clean. By the time spring weather rolls around, it could feel as good as new!

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