Gramhir (📱) Best Tool to Analyzes Your Instagram Account (2023)


Gramhir is an Instagram analysis tool that allows you to check both your profile and the followers of your rivals. It provides you with some useful details about their target audience that can help you determine whether or not your targeted audience would be drawn to your company or product. In this article we have described its features, disadvantages and how to use it.

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is a social media service that monitors and displays public Instagram profiles. It makes it simple to locate data that is available online. People can use the “Analyse this Data” function to see data in any way they like, whether it’s to search for information on their own profiles or the accounts of others. 

This service is unique since it gives you access to practically any public figure’s profile information, including those from businesses, magazines, and stars. It gives followers with a free global site where they can browse their entire list of followers and learn more about them. Because it is both a website and a social network, you can run all of your versions together.

The data covers their favorite sort of content, the most recent followers they have, and a basic summary of their profile. The free tool on this website allows you to see the most relevant genres over time and evaluate account statistics. Another unique element of the website is called “account rate,” which offers you a picture of how many people are interested in your content.

Features Provided by Gramhir

It provides unique and perfect insights into Instagram. You will be able to track other people’s posts on your specific subjects of interest after you enter. You can also view relevant data about what you’re viewing. Listed below are some of the features and tips on how to use them.

Review Your Account

This website provides data and a comparison of your Insta account to others. It’s a useful tool for those just starting out in Instagram marketing.

Your content must make an effort to give the idea that you are someone deserving. But if you’re not having enough success on social media, consider going over all of your posts to see if there’s anything you’re not including. 

Finding out what kinds of posts your followers prefer will help you refocus your profile in the proper directions. Building trust and long-term relationships will be easier if you start with content that is more well-liked by your audience.

Estimate Likes and Followers

Gramhir has a new AI analytic tool that analyses all of your account data to anticipate the amount of likes, comments, and followers you might expect from your next post. You can gain from the generated predictions by comparing them to your past objectives and goals. You will most likely want to post more frequently and with higher quality than you have been doing during this cycle.

Visit Instagram Anonymously

You are not need to provide your email address or password in order to view other people’s accounts on the Instagram. This feature was built with privacy in mind, making it ideal for businesses who conduct competitive analysis.  This data can be used to determine how your competitors are doing.

You can find information about a hashtag, a popular social media network used by many people worldwide. This includes followers, locations, posts, and stories in addition to other information. You may find additional players by searching for them in the game list, viewing their profiles, and checking out their accounts.

Save Instagram Content

Gramhir allows you to keep your social media activities private. Also, you can download images, videos, and stories from Instagram for free. Nobody will ever know you downloaded their content.

Account Rate

That account has a lot of followers associated with it. That only indicates how big an account is, not whether or not it is performing well. Don’t use that figure as your single indicator of a social media account’s performance.

Instagram is a popular platform for businesses and sites to establish their internet presence. You should work on increasing your number so that you are promoted more frequently and receive more attention. It will reward you with more likes and shares, increasing your visibility in the larger community.

How to Use Gramhir to Analyze Instagram Data

  • Using any internet browser, visit the Gramhir website.
  • Enter a hashtag or Instagram handle to be directed to the related profile’s feed.
  • When you’ve figured it out, check out the profile.
  • The statistics will be shown clearly at the top of the page.
  • Go ahead and click the link.
  • It’s preferable if you click the Download button to save the videos and photos to your device.
  • To view your stories, click the blue arrow button.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Gramhir

When it comes to analyzing and viewing Instagram profiles, it is one of the best. However, like any utility, it has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at what it has to offer in addition to some of the possible downsides.


  • It is quite simple to use and navigate. You can quickly learn how to utilise it even if you haven’t used similar tools before.
  • The fact that you can use it without logging in or creating an account is one of its best features. If you’re concerned about privacy, this means you can access any profile anonymously.
  • It offers a thorough analysis of every account you view. It contains details about the user’s posts, followers, and following, among other things. Additionally, you can view specific statistics for each post, including likes, comments, and shares.
  • You can export all of the information that you have gathered on an account. It works great if you want to view the material offline or maintain a copy of it.


  • It does not provide a free trial, unlike some other services. This means that you will have to buy it in order to use it.
  • It has a limited set of features. If you’re searching for a tool with a more complete set of capabilities, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • It presently does not have a mobile app. If you wish to use it on your mobile device, you’ll have to use the web-based version.


The Gramhir analyzer is a great site for content creators on Instagram. It does not require any prior registration on the side of the user. It is made so that no one can track back to you. Because of the app’s unique algorithm, users can easily view data on their profiles. Read this article to know more about how it works, its features and drawbacks.

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