Introduction To Flower Pots

Flower Pots

Raising flowers is not an easy task. In this process, I think it is most important to choose a suitable pot for your plants, in addition to choosing the right environment according to the growth pattern of the plants. If you choose the right pot, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Well, maybe people usually ignore the flower pot and tend to pick according to the appearance of the pot, which is a very bad practice. Do you want to know what pot is suitable for raising what flowers? Then take a look down!

Tile pots.

Tile pots are a kind of flower pot often seen. Its workmanship is relatively rough, the appearance is the color of the tile. Relatively speaking, the price is relatively cheap, water permeability, breathability are very good, suitable for the growth of flowers. If you really don’t like the unattractive appearance of the tile pot, it is not a difficult task to transform it by yourself. (Some people will wrap a circle of twine around the outside of the tile pot, so that it has the atmosphere of crafts) In addition, the tile pot is suitable for outdoor; if placed at home, and not after the “transformation”, over time will grow moss.

Glazed flower pots

Glazed flower pots, is the outside of the pot clay embryo glazed firing into a variety of colors, patterns are more, with plants especially good-looking, very popular. However, because of the addition of a layer of glaze, so the permeability of the pot becomes very poor. For some flowers that pay attention to drainage or have a shallow root system and more capillary roots, it is not suitable to use a pot with glaze, otherwise it is easy to cause root rot.

Purple sand pot

Purple sand pots are made of yellow-brown clay, with a finer texture and more antique color, suitable for raising flowers with dense foliage, like raising orchids, many people choose purple sand pots. The disadvantage of alabaster pots is that they are expensive and heavy, and it is very difficult to move large alabaster pots.

Plastic flower pots

To say that now with the most flower pots, it is certainly plastic pots. Whether it is to go to the flower market to buy flowers to give away, or we go to buy their own flower pots, nine out of ten are plastic pots! Plastic pots are cheap, lightweight, and low cost, and save money by raising more flowers in plastic pots. In order to drain the air, the bottom of the plastic pots need to be drilled. Gallon pots on the market, Castle Peak pots, Alice pots, small black square are a kind of plastic pots, each with its own differences.

Cement flower pots

Planters made of cement, with its own cement color, not so delicate appearance, the shape is also a variety of strange, and industrial style or ins wind decoration style is very well matched. Relatively speaking, cement planters are also a certain weight, in order to avoid the situation of moving, try to buy small cement planters.

Glass planters

In order to make the home look more minimalist, some people choose to use glass flower pots to raise flowers. Glass pots, however, generally do not have drainage holes, so they are more often used for hydroponics. The most difficult thing about using glass bottles for hydroponics is that when the temperature is low in winter, the water in the bottles will have the possibility of freezing. To avoid freezing the roots at low temperatures, the best thing to do is to put the vase close to a heater.

Porcelain pots

Generally speaking, porcelain pots are without holes, the larger radius will be used to grow daffodils, and then some can grow bowl lilies, the outer wall of the pot painted with flowers, birds, insects and fish, the value is very high!

A flower pot is the place where flowers grow. Whether it is for raising flowers or sending flowers , choose a beautiful and suitable pot for your flowers!If you want to send flowers to China, welcome to sammygift. Read Also : 6 Flower Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Your January