Timeless Unisex Fashion Staples for Spring

Timeless Unisex Fashion Staples for Spring

Being fashionable doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. There are timeless pieces all genders can add to their wardrobe and wear year after year. In fact, some pieces even transition through the seasons. Paired with other accessories, looks can remain fresh without cutting into your monthly budget. From a Cheap Champion Sweatshirt to a more expensive leather jacket, the fundamentals of a closet can define a wardrobe.

Denim Jeans

Denim can be worn at most events today, so having a few pairs in different washes can add versatility to your closet. Depending on the shirt and accessories paired with jeans, nearly any look from trendy professional to casual Sunday wear can be achieved. Further, jean trends tend to come back around every few years, so there’s no need to get rid of them at the end of a trend.

(P)leather jackets

Whether you choose a faux option or real, genuine leather, this look never goes out of season. From being thrown on top of a summer dress to work with men’s slacks, a leather jacket makes sense in every wardrobe. From motorcyclists to corporate professionals, every closet benefits from a basic leather jacket. Less adorned jackets will be easier to pair with outfits, leading to a better investment.

Black Jeans (or Leggings)

This is another piece of clothing that can transition from event to event. With more expensive jewellery and a professional blazer, a pair of black jeans can look high fashion. Paired with a hoodie or t-shirt, the same pair of pants or leggings looks casual and comfortable.

Basic Sweatshirts

Whether you wear a cheap Champion sweatshirt or a solid colour sweater, this look has stood the test of time. Even a Champion sweatshirt has the long-standing appeal that makes the more casual look has a classic feel. With the right accessories, pants, and shoes, even the most relaxed hoodies and sweatshirts have a fashionable aesthetic.

Plaid Shirts

Since the days of grunge, everyone has added more plaid to their closets. The long sleeves give opportunities to layer for the weather. Tying a knot in the front gives a completely different look than buttoned up. Tucked in has a more finished look for the same shirt. Over the decades, these shirts haven’t faded out of style due to their comfort and ease. Buying many colours can amp up a wardrobe without too much of a financial drain.

Neutral Color Button-Ups

If plaid doesn’t fit the occasion, a neutral coloured button up should do the trick. Whether thrown over a pair of jean shorts for a quick run around town or paired with professional slacks and jacket, a good quality button-up will last through the years. Some tutorials even show how these items can be used to make an effortless dress on the run.

Simple Blazers

Whether adding a touch of glam to a simple t-shirt and jeans or added to a professional ensemble, blazers have many applications. They can be dressed up or dressed down but have a great finished look regardless of how fashionable you’re trying to be. Also, with the right fit, they can be comfortable. Different fabrics and colours make it easy to match a style or season, with breathable options for the summertime.

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