10 Reasons You Don’t Want to go to Work

Don’t Want to go to Work

We all have experienced the feeling of lying in bed and not having the desire to get up. It is not because we are lazy to get up. It is because we do not want to get up, get ready and go to work. There are many reasons why we do not like to go to work. Are you one of the many people who hate to go to work? Do you want to find out the reasons why many people do not prefer to go to work? Here we have gathered the ten common reasons why people do not go to work. Have a look at the interesting reasons You Don’t Want to go to Work. 

10 Reasons You Don’t Want to go to Work

Bad co-workers 

This is the common reason why people hate to go to work. They do not like to fraternise with their co-workers. Are you one of them? Do you hate the way your co-workers talk and butter up your boss? You may also have experienced rude behaviour from some people. They may have tried to undermine your talents to showcase their own. Moreover, there might already be lots of groups in the office so you will not be able to join any groups and socialise. So these things may have caused you to lose interest in going to work. This is an understandable reason because only when we have people to talk to and socialise we give productive results. 

Workplace far away from home

Do you feel tired when you reach work because of the long commute? Then this is also the reason why you don’t want to go to work. Taking long trips to the office daily can make you feel irritated. You may not be able to work properly in the office because of it. It can drain all your energy and will leave you fagged to death at the end of the week. 

Sleep deprivation 

Do you experience sleep problems? This may also be the reason why you cannot get up in the morning early and leave for work. Sleep is the time your body heals itself. So if you do not get enough of it you will feel always tired. There may not be enough energy in you to work. Therefore you may start to skip work. 

Low income 

The time of getting the salary for your hard work is a joy. But is this time making you feel unhappy? We go to the office to earn money but if we do not get enough of it this may discourage us. That is why many people do not go to work. You may not feel the desire to finish the work if you do not get an ample reward for it. So this is also a factor that makes it hard for you to get ready for work. 

There is no challenge 

You may be a good and hardworking employee but if there is no challenge in your work environment you may lose the desire to work. You may get bored often and will skip the work. Then after some days, you will slowly lose the zest and energy you had at first. In the end, you will stop going to work. 

Old school office 

Is your office still using old technology? If your workplace is behind times then you will lack the zeal to work. This will make you feel bored and discouraged to work. Also, you may not get the work done fast because of a loss of excitement. 

Horrible boss 

Are you working under an autocratic boss? Is the boss trying to give you more work that you cannot handle? Or is he or she trying to make you follow strict rules? These are some of the attitudes we can find in horrible bosses. You may have got stuck with one with no means of escape. So you may have planned to stop going to the office. 

Not your cup of tea or coffee 

The field of work you are doing may not be the one for you. Do you have other interests which you want to work on? If you have one than working in the office is not for you and that is the reason why you don’t want to go to work. Try exploring the things you would actually love to do for a long time. It has to excite you, interest you and also benefit you. 

Problems in personal life 

Are you going through unbearable family problems? Then this may also be the reason why you don’t like to go to work. You may not prefer other people to know your feelings so you may hide what you are suffering. This can be disastrous to your health and mind so you have to get help soon. 

Health problems 

If you are weak you may not have the energy to work. So you may not get the motivation to get up early and go to work. Some of the signs of deteriorating body health are vomiting sensation, tiredness, pain in the muscles and bones and more. 


These are the ten reasons why you may You Don’t Want to go to Work. Try to solve the problem and go to work because then only you will feel happy.