Why is a VPN worth it for Home use?

VPN worth

In pandemic times, staying at home is the best preventive approach to protect yourself. Every time a new variant occurs, like others Canadian govt. imposes a new lockdown. Seems like this will keep on going for some period of time. So, we have to find ways of entertaining ourselves at home.

There are multiple ways to keep yourself busy as well as entertained while staying indoor during lockdown time. If you are bored, enjoying HBO Max can be one of the best solutions. Whether you want to enjoy a thriller or mystery, this streaming service has something for everyone, but sadly, it is not available in Canada. 

Geo-restriction is the main reason you need a VPN to enjoy streaming services to their fullest.  A VPN is worth it for home use as it secures the critical connection. It is a common misconception that VPNs are for hackers or super techy people. However, due to added privacy options, VPN is the new mainstream.

Whether you are concerned about privacy or want to make the most of your streaming service, adding a premium VPN service to your home can be a lifesaver. 

VPN worth

Secure your privacy on a shared Wi-Fi network

Most apartments have a shared Wi-fi option, and anyone can see the sites you are searching or visiting. You are not sure that the building manager or landlord is not watching your activities or tracking your traffic.

How do you feel if your neighbor says that you are watching crime or horror series on HBO Max? You will find it a privacy breach. You don’t like anybody decoding or interpreting your watchlist. If you find it a privacy issue, a VPN can resolve it. A VPN is a source of providing extra privacy. 

As a premium VPN service builds an encrypted tunnel, you can easily enjoy HBO Max movies at your home in Canada using a VPN and no one will know your that you are accessing USA HBO Max within Canada.

Control your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Spying

You have some considerable internet threats while surfing at home. The major threat is from the internet service provider as he has access to your online browsing data. ISPs sell the online activities and data to the vendors. According to ISPs, the information is anonymized, but it is still scary that someone knows all our activities.

Although HTTPS encrypts your online traffic, the idea of ISP tracking your internet activities is frightening. HTTPS does not hide the websites you visit. ISP can see all your searches for how long and often you searched.

You can restrict ISP from accessing your private and personal information by encrypting your online traffic. The restriction is possible by using a VPN. If you don’t want your ISP to what you are watching. 

Increasing Security of your remote work

Currently, working from home has become a new normal. Many of us have to do remote work and increase our work’s security; we can use a VPN. Employers are also offering a company VPN to their workers to log in to the company server and access information. 

An enterprise VPN requires you to log in by providing credentials. VPN use during remote work increases your and employers’ data security. Thus, it is a useful tool for you.

Block interfering housemates

If you are living in a shared apartment, your browsing is vulnerable. The nosy housemates can keep an eye on your browsing behavior. No one likes such snoopy behavior.

A VPN is useful for blocking the interference of housemates in the case of shared internet and makes your browsing protected and less vulnerable. This shows that a VPN is worth it for home use.

Use a VPN to block untrustworthy or extra interference from people. A VPN will give you extra encryption protection and prevent people from spying on you to see what you are visiting.

Explore the worldwide Streaming Services

Another reason a VPN is worth it for home use is accessibility to worldwide online streams, shows, and streams. Using a VPN, you can enjoy the content library of several regions.

All streaming content is not available globally because of the contract of streaming services with production houses. A VPN tunnel to the server allows you to access restricted content in your region.

As HBO Max is not available in Canada, you can use a VPN to change your location and access it anywhere. It is also helpful for sports fans. It is difficult to seek commentary or matches at home due to geo-restrictions. Die-hard fans can enjoy live matches and commentary by using a VPN subscription.


Conclusively, a VPN is worth it for home use due to the added protection layer to online activities. A VPN also builds an encrypted tunnel, and no one can spy on your traffic. We have enlisted some common reasons for using VPNs at home. 

The most common reason is for fun purposes and to access content libraries of another region. Another reason is the protection of your online traffic from others. VPNs are best to protect the privacy and access unavailable streaming content. You can Enjoy your favorite content without any interruption or geo-blocking.